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M.A.I.N. 2

How did the network of European agreements cause WWI to start? They wanted to protect their status. Overseas rivalries divided them.
What act caused Britain to declare war on Germany? When German invaded Belgium, they ended Belgium Neutraliy
Which countries made up the Central Powers? Germany, Austria and Italy
What events led Austria to declare war on Serbia? Pan Slavism led Russia to support fellow Slavs in Serbia. Gavrilo Principe Assassinated the Archduke of Austria.
What happened as a result of the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand (Austria)? Triggered a chain reaction of events that led to WWI.
Blank Check Issued to Austria from Germany. Essentially promising to give Austria what ever they need in the war effort.
During WWI, who did Serbia look for help from? Russia
Who did Germany declare war on first? Russia
Who did Germany declare war on 2nd? France
Italy and Britain Remained... Neutral
Schlieffen Plan Germany's plan to avoid a two-front war by defeating France 1st
Who did Germany attack to get to France? Belgium
The attack on Belgium caused what? Broke the Neutrality Pact which caused Britain to enter the war.
Created by: Lylabee7