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Graceland Group

Male GU repro

When prescribing antihypertensive therapy for a man with BPH and hypertension, the NP considers that... alpha-antagonist should not be used as solo or first line agent
When assessing a 78 yo male with suspected BPH the NP considers that... prostate size does not correlate well w/ the severity of symptoms
Which can contribute to acute urinary retention in an older man w/ BPH **amitriptyline** loratadine enalapril lorazepam
78 yo male presents w/ 3d h/o new-onset fatigue and difficulty emptying bladder. Exam reveals a distended bladder, but otherwise is unremarkable. BUN is 88mg/dL (31.4 mmol/L); creatinine is 2.8mg.dL (347.5umol/L) The most likely dx is: postrenal azotemia
Surgical intervention in BPH should be considered with all of the following EXCEPT recurrent UTI bladder stones persistent obstruction despite medical therapy **acute tubular necrosis**
Finasteride (Proscar, Propecia) and dutasteride (Advodart) are helpful in the treatment of BPH because of their effect on... prostate size
Which of the following is inconsistent with the description of BPH? obliterated median sulcus larger than 2.5x3cm sensation of incomplete emptying **boggy gland**
Tamsulosin (Flomax) is helpful in the treatment of BPH because of its effect on... activity at select bladder receptor sites
Concerning BPH, which of the following statement is true? DRE is accurate in diagnosis. **validated patient symptom tool is an important part of diagnosing this condition** Prostate size directly correlates with symptoms and bladder emptying. Bladder distention is usually present in early disease.
Concerning herbal and nutritional therapies for BPH which is FALSE? **these therapies are safest and most effective when used with prescription medications**
You examine a 32yo male with chancroid and anticipate finding a... painful ulcer
The causative organism of chancroid is Haemophilus ducreyi
Treatment options for chancroid include all of the following EXCEPT: azithromycin ciprofloxacin ceftriaxone **Amoxicillin**
When ordering lab test to confirm chancroid the NP considers that: concomitant infection with herpes simplex is often found
The most common causative organism of lymphogranuloma venereum is... C. trachomatis (Chlamydia trachomatis) types 1 to 3.
Physical examination findings in lymphogranuloma venereum include: lesions that fuse and create multiple draining sinuses.
Treatment options for lymphogranuloma venereum include: tetracycline
The presentation of acute epididymitis includes positive prehn sign
The most likely causative pathogens in a 26yo male with acute epididymitis include... C. trachomatis
Which of the following is part of a reasonable treatment option for a 30yo male with epididymitis? doxycycline (Specifically ceftriaxone followed by doxycycline)
Gram stain of urethral discharge of a 37yo male with dysuria shows gram negative cocci. This is most likely... N. gonorrhoeae
Treatment options for uncomplicated gonococcal proctitis include: Ceftriaxone 125mg IM as a single dose
Which of the following is recommended by the CDC for as single-dose therapy for uncomplicated urethritis caused by N. gonorrhoeae? cefixime
In gonococcal infection, which of the following statement is true? **Risk of transmission to an infected female to a male sexual partner is about 20-30% with a single coital act**
Incubation period for gonococcal infection is SHORT: 1-5 days
True or False Most men with gonococcal infections are asymptomatic. TRUE
True or False: N. gonorrhoeae frequently produces beta-lactamase TRUE. Therefore agents with beta-lactamase stability such as a cephalosporin should be used (ceftriaxone or cefixime)
When choosing an antimicrobial agent tor the treatment of chronic bacterial prostatitis the NP considers that: choosing an antibiotic with gram-negative is critical
All of the following are likely to be reported by patients with acute bacterial prostatitis EXCEPT: PENILE PAIN (actual symptoms include perineal pain, irritative voiding sympoms and fever)
During acute bacterial prostatitis the digital rectal exam usually reveals a gland described as boggy
Symptoms in chronic bacterial prostatitis often include low back pain
Most common causative organisms in chronic bacterial prostatitis include: gram-negative rods
which of the following is the best choice of therapy in chronic bacterial prostatitis ciprofloxacin for 4 weeks
The best diagnostic test to identify the offending organism in acute bacterial prostatitis is: Urine culture
You perform a DRE on a 72yo male and find a lesion suspicious for prostate cancer. The findings are best described as.. an area of prostatic induration
Which of the following PSA results are most consistent with cancer? a doubling of PSA in serial annual tests in the presence of a normal DRE
Risk factors for prostate cancer include all of the following EXCEPT: Hx of genital trauma (Actual RF are African ancestry, family hx of prostate CA, high fat diet)
The average American man ha an approximately ____% lifetime risk of prostate cancer and an approximately ____% likelihood of clinical disease. 40;10
a 19 yo male presents with sudden onset of left sided scrotal pain and unilateral loss of the cremasteric reflex. THis most likely represents... testicular torsion
In assessing the male with testicular torsion the NP is most likely to note: a tender swollen testicle
Anicipated organ survival exceeds 85% with testicular decompression within how many hours of torsion? 6
To prevent reoccurance of testicular torsion which of the following is recommended? orchiopexy
a 42 yo male has a nontender "bag of worms" mass within the left dcrotum that disappears when he is supine. This is consistent with... varicocele
What is a common finding in a man with varicocele? lower sperm count with increased number of forms
How long after contact does the onset of manifestations of syphilis occur? 2-4 weeks
What is not representative of presentation of primary syphilis? painless ulcer palpable inguinal nodes **flu like symptoms** spontaneous healing lesion
What would be representative of the presentation in secondary syphilis generalized rash
What is seen in tertiary syphilis? gumma
Syphilis is the most contagious at what time during the secondary stage
first line tx for primary syphilis is penicillin
sequelae of genital HPV infection in males can include anorectal carcinoma
describe lesion of condyloma acuminatum verruciform
Name a tx option for condyloma acuminatum imiquimod
Which HPV types are most common to cause colorectal CA? 16 & 18
Which HPV types are most common to cause conyloma acuminatum? 6 & 11
Which is NOT a common risk factor for erectile dysfunction? DM HTN cigarette smoking **testosterone deficiency**
Patient education about the use of sildenafil (viagra) needs to include: with the use of this medication sexual stimulation is also needed to achieve an erection
when discussion ED with a 70 yo male, the NP considers: most cases have an underlying cause
Which medication tx for ED has the longest half life? tedalafil (Cialis)
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