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World Empires, Religions, and Renaissance

What ancient empire was located in modern day Chili and Peru? Incan Empire
What ancient empire was located on North America? Aztec Empire
What ancient empire is located on South America? Incan Empire
How were people of North Africa connected during the 1500s? Trans-Saharan trade routes
What was the trade route that connected Europe to Asia? Silk Road
What ancient empire was located in modern day Mexico? Aztec Empire
What important things came from the Middle East during trade? Textiles and the numeral (number) system
What important goods came from China during trade? Paper, compass, silk, porcelain
What types of literature did Shakespeare write? Plays, sonnets, essays
What are major ideas that were exchanged along trade routes? Scientific knowledge such as medicine, astronomy, and mathematics
Where was Islam practiced in 1500? Parts of Asia, Africa, & Southern Europe
Where was Christianity practiced in 1500? Europe and Middle East
Where was Judaism practiced in 1500? Europe and Middle East
What are the 3 monotheistic religions? Judaism, Christianity, Islam
Where was Buddhism practiced in 1500? East and Southeast Asia
Where was Hinduism practiced in 1500? India and part of Southeast Asia
What religion has the Caste System? Hinduism
What does Monotheistic mean? Worships only one God
What does polytheistic mean? Worships more than one god
Why are trade routes important? Exchange of products and ideas
Who is an accomplished literary person of the Renaissance? William Shakespeare
What does the Renaissance mark the start of? Birth of modern world
What does Renaissance mean? Rebirth (of classical knowledge)
What are the Classics? Ancient Greek and Roman literature/art
Who develops the idea of Humanism? Erasmus
What is humanism? Focusing on the human/worldly things instead of religious/spiritual things
Who painted the Sistine Chapel ceiling and sculpted The David? Michelangelo
Where does the Renaissance begin? Italy
Where does the Renaissance spread? Northern Europe
What is the holy book of Islam? Koran (Qur'an)
What is the written beliefs and records of Jews called? Torah (the Old Testament)
What book do Christians add to the Bible? New Testament
What are the major beliefs of Islam called? Five Pillars (Alms giving, fasting, prayer, pilgrimage to Mecca, declare your faith)
What are the two holy cities of Islam? Mecca and Medina
Who is the founder of Buddhism? Siddhartha Gautama (Buddah)
What are two major aspects of Buddhism? Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path to Enlightenment
Where does Buddhism start? India
Where does Buddhism spread? Because of who? China because of Asoka's missionaries
What is reincarnation? Rebirth of a person based on karma
What religion has reincarnation? Hinduism
What is karma? Belief that all thoughts and actions have a future positive or negative consequence
Created by: kmprice06