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BBC Pharm

Ch 16: Combination Chemotherapy

what is the DOC for ALL? actinomycin, as well as 6MP. but combination therapies are available.
this is a steroid that induces lymphocytopenia. it is also used for lymphomas prednisone
derived from periwinkles. MOA is via binding to tubulin, blocking it from microtubules. It therefore, inhibits mitosis and is categoriezed as a mitotic inhibitor. it causes periopheral neuropathy, phlebitis (vein inflammation), alopecia, and GI probs vincristine
what is an alternative chemotherapy combination for ALL? POMP: prednisone, oncovin, methotrexate, purimethol.
another name for vincristine is... oncovin
what is the MOA of methotrexate? inhibits DHFR, inhibiting the use of folate and therefore synthesis of DNA
whats another name for 6MP purimethol.
what are the side effets of 6MP? stomatitis, BMD, alopecia, nausea, vomitting, renal hepatic damage.
a congenital tumor of the kidney that presents between ages 2 and 5. wilms tumor
what are the drugs frequently used to treat a wilms tumor? dactinomycin and vincristine
what is the first line therapy for Hodgkins lymphoma? ABVD: adriamycin, bleomycin, vinblastine, and dacarbazine. second line is MOPP: mechlorethamine, oncovin, prednisone, procarbazine
what is the MOA of bleomycin and adriamycin? destroy DNA by creating radical oxygen species.
this is an alkylating agent, killing neoplastic cells by adding an alkyl group to their dNA. highly emetogenic, so patients must be pre medicated with powerful anti-emetic agents. also causes extreme BMD dacarbazine
another alkylating agent, alkylating guanines in DNA so that they cross link in pairs or are removed. its side effects include severe nausea, vomitting, extreme BMD, herpes zoster, and extensive blisters if extravasated onto skin or mucous membranes. mechlorethamine
this drug inhibits both DNA and RNA syntehsis. its primary ADRs are BMD, disulfiram reactions, and neurotoxicity (drowsiness that progresses to hallucinations ad paresthesias) procarbazine.
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