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Define Usury The charging of interest on a loan to make a profit
Define Denomination Branches of Christianity - ie. Catholicism vs. Protestantism
Define Reformation A time of reform
Define Indulgences Slips of paper sold by the Catholic Church as forgiveness of sins
Define Protestant/Protestantism A Christian that is not a Catholic
Define Predestination Idea that your destiny is determined before you are born; you are either going to Heaven or Hell; idea developed by John Calvin
Define Jesuits Society of Jesus; group within the Catholic Church that spread Catholic doctrine across Europe
Define Inquisition Formal way to punish heretics of the Catholic Church; would use torture sometimes to enforce Catholic doctrine
Define Council of Trent Meeting that the Catholic Church held to reevaluate Catholic practices and beliefs as a response to the Protestant Reformation
Define Edict of Nantes Document signed by King Henry IV of France giving French Huguenots [Protestants] religious protections in France
Define Thirty Years War War fought between Catholics and Protestants in Europe; Cardinal Richelieu changed the focus of the war from religious to political
Define Secular/Secularism Non religious; separation of church and state
Define Individualism Focusing on the individual's wants/needs instead of following a group [such as the Catholic Church]
Define Vernacular Common language of the people; Germany's vernacular is German, France's is French, etc.
Define Doctrine Beliefs or rules of a certain group; ie. Religious Doctrine are the beliefs of the Church
Where is Martin Luther from? Germany
What area converted to Protestantism in Germany in an effort to break away from the Catholic Church? Northern Germany's princes
Who continued to support the Catholic Church in Germany? Hapsburg family and the Holy Roman Empire
What document gave religious freedom to Protestants in France? Edict of Nantes
What is a Huguenot? French Protestant
What is the major war between Catholics and Protestants called? Thirty Years' War
What did the Council of Trent do? Reaffirmed most Catholic doctrine
Who were dissenters of the Catholic Church before Martin Luther? Jan Huss, John Wycliffe
What person changed the focus of the Thirty Years’ War from a religious to a political conflict? Cardinal Richelieu
What are some long-lasting values that develop during the Reformation? Growth of secularism, individualism, and religious tolerance
What is the goal of the Society of Jesus (The Jesuits)? The Jesuits were founded to spread Catholic doctrine around the world
Who invented the printing press? Gutenberg
What languages was the Bible printed in? English, French, and German
What spreads Renaissance and Reformation ideas around Europe? The printing press
What is the first book printed on Gutenberg's invention? The Bible
What was the Catholic Church’s view of usury? Against usury because it was wrong to charge interest
What is usury? The lending of money and charging high interest
Who would have supported usury? European merchants
Germans and English nobility were upset with what group dominating the Catholic Church? Italians
What did the Church as a way to raise money? Sell indulgences
What is an indulgence? Paying for the forgiveness of sins
What did Martin Luther do that was significant? Posted the 95 Theses which started the Protestant Reformation
What were Martin Luther’s beliefs? Salvation by faith alone (no indulgences), Bible is ultimate authority, all humans are equal before God
What were John Calvin’s beliefs? Predestination, faith revealed by righteous living, strong work ethic
What are major actions of Henry VIII? -Breaks away from Catholic Church -Heads the Church of England -Keeps money/land of Catholic Church
What does Henry VIII want the Pope to grant him? Divorce (annulment) from his wife
Define predestination God has decided your fate of going to Heaven or Hell before your lived your life
Who shows religious tolerance for dissenters? Elizabeth I
Who is the head of the Anglican Church? Elizabeth I
Who defeats the Spanish Armada? Elizabeth I
Why did the Spanish Armanda attack England? To convert England back to Catholicism
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