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Industrial Rev

Industrial Revolution

When did the Industrial Revolution begin and end? 1750-1830
In what continent did the Industrial Revolution first start? Europe
What is the Industrial Revolution? A society that shifts from using tools to make products to using new sources of energy, such as coal, to power machines in factories.
Was the Industrial Revolution a violent or non-violent revolution? A non-violent revolution
Instead of violence,the Industrial Revolution was full of what? Ideas and industry
What was one of the most important machines that was invented during the Industrial Revolution? The steam engine
Who invented the steam engine? Thomas Newcomen
During the Industrial Revolution,some children had to do what? Work in factories
How did the Industrial Revolution effect working conditions? People worked in cities in factories vs. working at home or on the farm. Often they had little pay, dangerous conditions and long hours.
Why did children have to work in the time of the Industrial Revolution? Families had no money unless they worked. Many people also felt it was good for children.
Before the Industrial Revolution, what job did 80% of people have? Farming
What percentage of American population is farmers today? Less than 1%
What was the main energy source (fuel) in the early Industrial Revolution Coal
What countries were political competitors with Europe for economic development in the 1700's? China and India
What did machines take the place of in the Industrial Revolution? Skilled labor by craftsmen
What is it called when you become more factory oriented than agriculture oriented? Industrialization
Why were diseases spread so quickly? Workers were packed into shacks near the factory with little room to themselves
What were working conditions like at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution? People worked long hours with little pay and no rest
What is a major problem with the factories? They pollute the Earth from the steam and smoke they produce
Why were unions successful in the fight for workers' rights? Everyone joined together to for the good of the people. Everyone was effected and wanted a change
How were items made before the Industrial Revolution? By hand, not machine. Cottage Industry
What happened to the prices of things after the Industrial Revolution? They decreased due to mass production (supply up/ cost down)
What is the process of moving to the city, often for work called. Urbanization
Did the revolution hurt people, help people or both? Both
What age did people start work in the Industrial Revolution? 5
What were some jobs the children had to do? Work on farms, work as servants, work in factories, push coal trucks, become sailors and work as sales people
Who are the Luddites? originally- protesters during the Industrial Revolution against machines and factories. Now, Luddites are considered anti-technology
In Britain, what are 3 catalysts of reform? Luddite Protests, Peterloo Massacre, Sadler Report
Where did the Industrial Revolution begin? England
Created by: YsWords