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Chapter 9

Urinary System

bladder organ where urine collects before being excreted from body
bowmans capsule capsule surrounding glomerulus and serving as collection site for urine
calices cup shaped structures in renal pelvis for collection of urine
cortex outer portion of kidney
creatine substance found in urine; elevated levels may indicate muscular dystrophy
creatinine component of creatine
filtration process of separating solids from liquid by passing it thru porous substance
glomerulus group of capillaries in nephron
hilum portion of kidney where blood vessels nerves enter and exit
kidney organ forms urine and reabsorbes essential substances back into bloodstream
meatus external opening of canal
medulla soft central portion of kidney
nephron functional unit of kidney
prostate gland surrounding urethra in male; active in ejaculation of semen
reabsorption process of returning essential elements to blood stream after filtration
renal pelvis collecting area for urine in center of kidney
renin enzyme produced in kidneys to regulate filtration rate of blood by increasing bp
retroperitoneal posterior to peritoneum
trigone triangular area at base of bladder thru which ureters enter and urethra exits bladder
urea wast product of nitrogen metabolism excreted in normal adult urine
ureter one of two tubes that conduct urine from kidney to bladder
urethra tube thru which urine is transported from bladder to exterior of body
uric acid nitrogenous waste excreted in urine
urinary system body system forms and excretes urine and helps in reabsorption of essential substances
urine fluid excred by urnary system
calio calix
cysto bladder
glomerulo glomerulus
meato meatus
nephro kidney
pyelo renal pelvis
reno kidney
trigono trigone
uro urine
uretero ureter
urethro urethra
vesico bladder
uria of urine
adh antidiuretic hormone
a/g albumin/globulin
agn acute glomerulonephritis
arf acute renal failure
bno bladdr neck obstruction
bun blood urea nitrogen
capd continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis
cath catheter
crf chronic renal failure
esrd end stage renal disease
eswl extracorporeal shock wave litotripsy
hd hemodialysis
ivp intravenous pyelogram
k+ potassium
kub kidney ureter bladder
na sodium
ph power of hydrogen concentration
pku phenylketonuria
rp tetrograde pyelogram
sg specific gravity
ua urinalysis
uti urnary tract infection
vcu vcug voiding cystourethrogram
acetone type of ketone noramlly found in urine in small quantities; found in larger quantities in diabetic urine
albumin simple protein; when leaked into urine
bilirubin substance produced in liver; elevated levels may indicate liver disease or hepatitis
casts materials formed in urine when protein accumulates
condom catheter disposable cathere for urinary sample collection
cystoscope tubular instrument for examining interior of bladder
dialysis method of filttration used when kidneys fail
extracorporeal shock wave litotripsy breaking of kidney stones by using shock waves from outside body
foley catheter indweeling cathete held in place by balloon that inflates inside bladder
hemodialysis dialysis performed by passing blood thru filter outside body and returning filtered blood to body
indwelling type of catheter inseted into body
ketone substance that results fomr breakdown of fat
kub xray of 3 part of urinary system
peritoneal dialysis tye of dialyrsis which liquid extracts substances from blood is inserted into peritoneal vacity and later emptied outside body
ph measurement of acidity of urine
phenulketones substance accumulate in urine in infants
renogram radioactive imaging of kidney funtion after introduction of substance that is filtered thru kidney while observed
retrograde pyelogram xray of bladder and ureters after contrast medium is injected into bladder
specific gravity measurement of concentration of wastes minral and solids in urine
urinalysis examination of properties of urine
voiding cystourethrogram xray image made after introduction of contrast medium and while urination is taking place
albyminuria presence of albumin in urine
anuria lack of urine formation
atresia abnormal narrowing of urteres
bladder cancer malignancy of bladder
brights disease inflammation of glomeruli that can result in kidney failure
cystitis inflammation of bladder
cystocele hernia of bladder
cystolith bladder stone
dysuria painful urination
edma retention of water in cells
end stage renal disease last stages of kidney failure
enuresis urinary incontinenece
glomerulonephritis inflammation of glomeruli of kidneys
hematuria blood in urine
hydronephrosis abnormal collection of urine in kidneys due to blockage
incontinence inability to prevent excretion of urine
ketonuria increased urinary excretion of ketones
kidney failury loss of kidney function
nephritis inflammation of kidneys
nephrosis disorder caused by loss of protein in urine
nephroma renal tumor
nephroblastome wilms tumor; malignant kidney tumor found primarily in youg children
nocturia frequent night time urination
oliguria scanty urine production
polysystic kidney disease condition with many cysts on and within kidneys
polyuria excesive urination
pyelitis inflammation of renal pelvis
pyuria pus in urine
uremia excess of urea and nitrogenous wastes in blood
urinary tract infection infectino of urinary tract
cystectomy surgical removal of bladder
cystopexy fixing of bladder to ab wall
cystoplasty repair of bladder
cystorrhaphy suturing of damage bladder
intracorporeal electrohydraulic lithotripsy use of endoscope to break up stones
lihotomy removal of bladder stones
meatotomy enlargement of meatus
nephrectomy removal of kidney
nephrolithotomy removal of kidney stone
nephrolysis removal of kidney adhesions
nephropexy fixing of kidney to ab wall
nephrostomy establishment of opening from renal pelvis to outside of body
pyeloplasty repair of renal pelvis
pyelotomy incision into renal pelvis
resectoscope endoscope for removal of lesions
ureterectomy removal of ureter
ureteoplasty rapair of ureter
ureterorrhaphy suturing of uretra
urology medical specialty that diagnoses and treats urinary system and male reproductive system
urostomy steablishment of opening in ab to exterio of body for release of urine
urethrostomy establisment of opeing between urethra and exterior of body
antispasmodic pharmacological agent that relieves spasm also decrease urination frequency
antibiotic treat infection
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