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Agri-Rural Cards

Terms from Agricultural-Rural Land Use

Agriculture ___ is deliberate modification of Earth's surface through cultivation of plants and rearing of animals to obtain sustenance or economic gain.
Hunting-Gathering The practice of acquiring food through hunting wild animals and gathering food from wild plants.
Origins of Agriculture Describes the way in which agriculture originated: through long trials and errors over thousands of years.
Transhumance Seasonal migration of domesticated livestock between mountains and pastures.
Intensive Subsistence Agriculture A form of subsistence farming in which intense effort is applied to produce maximum yield from a bit of land.
Green Revolution The use of genetically modified plants and crops to maximize yield and create hardier, more nutritious plants, along with much better agricultural technologies.
Extensive Subsistence Agriculture The use of relatively lower effort per unit of land to produce crops.
Tropical Plantations Large farms located in tropical areas to grow plants that grow well in warmer climates like: rice, sugar cane, bananas, etc.
Boserup Hypothesis A direct counter to Malthus' Theory, Ester Boserup hypothesized that rather than the agricultural technology determining the population, if necessity was high enough, humans would determine a way to supply themselves.
Primary Economic Activites These are activities that involve extraction of natural resources from Earth for the benefit of manking. Examples are farming, fishing, mining, etc.
Fertile Crescent The land flooded by the Euphrates and Tigris rivers; site of the first civilizations on Earth.
Extensive vs Intensive Agriculture Extensive agriculture requires less effort per acre to generate gain than intensive
Capital-Intensive vs Labor-Intensive Capital-intensive processes require a lot of money vs labor-intensive processes which require a lot of raw labor
Industrial Revolution's Effect on Agriculture The IR created much more efficient methods of doing rote agriculture tasks like plowing and seeding, allowing much of the process to be mechanized; in the process, it put many people out of work.
Negative Impacts of the Green Revolution The Green Revolution caused a population boom that was not altogether without its negative consequences; it also increased pollution world wide.
Maladaptive Diffusion __ is the diffusion of an idea or practice into an area in which it is not suitable, i.e., growing roses in Alaska.
Commercial Agriculture A form of Agriculture in which many of its steps are integrated into a few through large companies.
Commercial Livestock Production The production of livestock for commercial purposes.
Commercial Grain Farming Production of grain products like bread for sale.
Mixed and Specialty crop farming The practice of a) farming a variety of crops in a region and b) farming crops known as specialties to the region
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