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chp 8 vocab

Michael Faraday invented dynamo, a machine that generated electricity
Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb
Bessemer Process a process that led to faster and cheaper steel production
Henry Ford he revolutionized factory production through the use of the assembly line and popularized the affordable autombile
Wilbur and Orville Wright first successful gas powered airplane flight
Telegraph Samuel F.B Morse it uses pulse to send messages across long distance
Samuel Morse he applies scientist discoveries at electricity and magnetism to develop the telegraph
Alexander Graham Bell develop and patent of the telephone
Guglielmo Marconi established communication across the English channel between France and England
Charles Darwin purposed theory of evolution through natural selection
Marie and Pierre Curie discovered radium and polonium
Radioactivity a process in which atoms of certain elements constantly break down and release energy
Albert Einstein he developed the theory of relativity among his many scientific theories
Louis Pasteur experiments with bacteria disproved the thoery of spontaneous generation. developed vaccines for anthrax and rabies
Pasteurization process of heating liquids to kill bacteria
anesthetic a drug that inhibits pain during surgery
Ivan Pavolov dogs and condition reflex
Sigmund Freud believed that complexes of repressed and forgotten impressions underlines all abnormal mental states
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