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flashcard for A2

suffrage the right to vote for all citizens 18 years old and above.
sisal plant fiber used to make rope or twlne.
genocide deliberate murder of a group becuse of their race or culture.
landlocked contry that doesn't have a sea.
enclave small territory entirelly surrounded by a larger territory.
constitution a document describing a goverment structure, power, and citizen's rights.
cassava a plant whose roots are grouned to make parriage.
porridge food made of oatmeal,or some other meal or cereal,boiled to thick consistency in water or milk.
migrent worker person who earnsaliving by temporarily moveing to a place separote form his/her home in order to work.
overgraze land stripped by animals who eat too much of the little amount of vegetation available area becoumes so bare, winds can blow away soil.
cacao it is a bean to make coco.
Created by: miki.woodcock