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Cold War

The new boundaries of Europe were decided where? Yalta Conference
The Cold War was a rivalry between the US and who? USSR
The ideological difference of the Cold War was democracy and free enterprise vs. ___________. Dictatorship and communism
What is the idea of preventing the expansion of communism? Containment
What President came up with the idea of containment? Harry Truman
What is the Iron Curtain? Line that divides Eastern Europe and communism from Western Europe and democracies
What is NATO? North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Why was NATO founded? As an alliance to fight communism
What was the communism alliance? Warsaw Pact
What is the Domino Theory? When one country falls to communism, the other countries will also fall to communism
What is the theory of deterrence? Try to deter (or stop) the threat of nuclear war through peaceful means
Why is the Berlin Wall significant? Symbolic of divisions between communist and democratic governments in the world
Where is DMZ in Korea? 38th Parallel
Why does USA get involved in Korean War? Policy of containment and fear of Domino Theory
Why does USA get involved in Vietnam War? Policy of containment and fear of Domino Theory
The Cuban Missile Crisis was a tense situation between what two countries? USA and USSR
What ends the Cuban Missile Crisis? Deterrence and peace negotiations
What is the first sign that communism would not last in Europe? Tearing down of Berlin Wall and Germany uniting into one country
Why is the break up of the Soviet Union important to NATO? New democratic countries = new allies
Who is the leader of Nationalist China [island of Taiwan]? Chiang Kai-shek [Jiang Jieshi]
Who is the leader of Communist China [Mainland China]? Mao Tse-tung [Mao Zedong]
Who supported communist North Korea during the Korean War? Soviet Union and China
Who is the leader of communist North Vietnam? Ho Chi Minh
Who is the Prime Minister of India during the Cold War era? Indira Gandhi
Who does Indira Gandhi form a close relationship with? Soviet Union
What does Indira Gandhi develop in India? Nuclear program
Who is the British Prime Minister during the Cold War? Margaret Thatcher
What does Margaret Thatcher do for Great Britain? Encouraged trade, less government regulation on business
Who does Margaret Thatcher work closely with during the Cold War? USA
Who is the last president of the Soviet Union? Mikhail Gorbachev
What is glasnost? Openness of government; less censorship
What is perestroika? Restructuring the government to be more efficient
Who comes up with glasnost and perestroika? Mikhail Gorbachev [Soviet Union]
What did Deng Xiaoping do for China's economy? Reformed to market economy and lead to economic growth
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