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13 Colonies Test

Social Studies

Vocab: Colony A country or area under the full or partial political control of another country, typically a distant one, and occupied by settlers from that country.
Vocab: Emigrate Leave one's own country in order to settle permanently in another.
What events surrounded the lost of Roanoke? The first time, it was a failure. The second time was better, but it hadn't been resupplied and disappeared.
What was the year of the settlement for Jamestown? 1607
What were the events surrounding Jamestown? They created a joint-stock company called the London Company. Their alliance with the Powhatan tribe failed and they fought.
Who was the leader of Jamestown settlement that saved Jamestown? John Smith
What cash crop saved the Jamestown settlement? Tobacco
Colony that was settled using the Headright System. Virginia
Colony featuring tobacco that was originally owned by 8 English nobles. North Carolina
Colony started as a safe haven for English Catholics. Maryland
Colony that had more enslaved people than free people. South Carolina
Colony stated by Oglethorpe to give debtors in English prisons a second chance in life. Georgia
Vocab: Headright System It was a system that had colonists who paid their own way to Virginia received 50 acres of land. A colonist could ear another 50 acres for every additional person brought from England.
Vocab: Cash Crop Any crop that is considered easily marketable.
Vocab: Joint-Stock Company A business formed by a group of people who jointly make an investment and share the profits and losses.
What events surrounded the Plymouth Colony? The pilgrims are a group of Separatist and they decided that they wanted to leave and start a new colony on their own with their own rules. They sailed (Many died) and they reached land. Natives helped them regain life and they had a feast(Thanksgiving)
Colony started by Puritans where religious laws and government were together. Massachusetts
Colony started by Roger Williams that had separation of the Church and State. Rhode Island
Colony that had Fundamental Orders, the first Colonial Constitution to limit the power of the royal governor. Connecticut
Colony that dealt with constant fighting with Native Americans, rocky soil, and forests that had to cleared. New Hampshire
Vocab: Anglican Church The Church of England and the churches in other nations that are in complete agreement with it as to doctrine and discipline and are in communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury.
What events surrounded England's takeover of New Amsterdam from the Dutch? During the fight, not a single shot was made. They gave up the land because the Dutch didn't believe in fighting.
Colony started by Quakers with peace with Indians, equality, and religious toleration. Pennsylvania
Colony that thrived due to the port cities of Philadelphia and New York. New Jersey
Colony originally started by Swedes that belonged to Penn up until the creation of the United States in 1776. Delaware
Vocab: Quakers Society of Friends; sect founded in 1640s in England whose members believed that salvation was available to all people.
Vocab: Stable Crop Crops that were always needed.
Had one room school houses and Public Schools as well as a private college, Harvard. New England (Education)
Grew Cash crops like tobacco, rice, indigo. Southern (Economy)
Had the most diverse ethnic backgrounds of people. Middle (Community Life)
Cold climate, rocky soil. New England (Geography)
People lived out the plantation way of life. Southern (Labor Force)
Most people lived in small Puritan villages with small farms and did the work themselves. New England (Community Life)
"Bread Basket" Colonies. Middle (Economy)
People looked to the Atlantic Ocean for whaling, fishing, and shipping to make money. New England (Economy)
Parts of the region belonged to the Dutch originally, but then were peacefully taken by the English. Middle
Long growing seasons, mild winters, abundant rain, good soil. Southern (Geography)
2 similarities and 2 differences of slaves and indentured servants. Similarities: 1. Had harsh journeys to America 2. Treated poorly Differences: 1. Slaves didn't have a choice whether they wanted to work or not while indentured servants did. 2. Slaves were from Africa and Indentured servants were from Europe.
3 things that have changed in present day crime and punishment because of the Salem Witch Trials.
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