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World War II

What is the term that means a country does not want to get involved in other countries' affairs? Isolationism
What is the term that means a country is against war? Pacifism
What was the policy of the United States at the beginning of World War II? Pacifism and Isolationism
What were some causes of World War II? Aggression by totalitarian powers; Nationalism; Failure of the Treaty of Versailles; Appeasement; Weakness of League of Nations
What is the first event of World War II? Germany invades Poland
What country fell during World War II? France
What event pushed the United States into World War II? Attack at Pearl Harbor
Germany invades _________, and violates a non-aggression pact. Soviet Union
What was the fighting between Great Britain and Germany called? Battle of Britain
What does the United States do to Japan? Drops the atomic bomb
President of U.S. dies during the War? Franklin Roosevelt
President of U.S. decides to drop bombs on Japan? Harry Truman
U.S. General in charge of American troops in Europe? George Marshall
U.S. General in charge of U.S. Pacific fleet? Douglas MacArthur
U.S. General; Supreme Allied Commander in Europe? Dwight Eisenhower
Name this document-provided code of conduct for countries for the treatment of people in their countries. Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Who controlled Germany after World War II? Allied Powers divide into sectors: USA, France, USSR, and Britain each control an area
Which part of Germany rebounds economically after World War II? West Germany
What happens to Japan's military after World War II? Greatly reduced; demilitarized
What is the Iron Curtain? Line between communist Europe and democratic Europe after World War II
The plan to rebuild Europe after the war is called? Marshall Plan
What kind of government does Japan have after World War II? Democracy
Who emerges as an economic powerhouse in Asia? Japan
Who signs a secret agreement with Germany not to fight each other? Soviet Union
Who overseas the reconstruction of Japan? MacArthur
Why is NATO formed? Fight communism
What is the communist alliance? Warsaw Pact
Who are the Axis powers? Germany, Italy, Japan
Who are the Allied powers? USA, France, Great Britain, Soviet Union
Germany eventually splits into what? East and West Germany
Winston Churchill British Prime Minister
Joseph Stalin Soviet dictator
Adolf Hitler Nazi dictator
Hideki Tojo Japanese general
Hirohito Emperor of Japan
Genocide Systematic and purposeful destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group
Joseph Stalin targeted what groups during the Great Purge? Peasants, government, and military leaders and members of the elite
What group did the Ottoman Empire kill during World War II? Armenians
Holocaust Killing of 6 million Jews in Europe
Pol Pot targeted what groups during his control of Cambodia? Artists, technicians, former government officials, monks, educated
The Hutus killed what ethnic group? Tutsis
Where was the Hutu-Tutsi conflict? Rwanda
What happened to 23 Nazi officials for their part in the Holocaust? War crimes trials at Nuremburg
What are the two major world superpowers after World War II? USA and USSR
What new international organization was established after World War II? United Nations
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