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Chapter 8 Pullin

The Rise of Ancient Rome

Rome is located in present day Italy
Rome is set on how many hills? 7 (seven)
What is the name of the main river in Ancient Rome? The Tiber River
How does our solar system relate to Rome? The Planets are named after Roman gods
Which group seized power from the Romans in 600 BCE? The Etruscans
What type of government has citizens that have the right to vote who select their leaders? Republic
A member of a wealthy Roman family who was allowed to hold office Patrician
A member of the lower class who was not allowed to hold office Plebeian
The purpose of the senate was to __________________________ Vote on and propose laws
The two chief officials who led the government Consuls
Consuls were similar to the United States __________ President
The US president is a member of the __________ branch of government Executive
The Roman Senate was comparable to the United States __________ Legislative Branch or Senate
Roman Consuls could only rule for ____ year 1 (one)
Rejection of any planned action by a person in power Veto
Veto literally means I Forbid
Roman official who had all of the powers of a king but could only rule for one month Dictator
Why would a dictator be appointed in ancient Rome? In case of emergencies
Written code of laws that applied equally to everyone The Twelve Tables
What happened as a result of the Patrician land being divided up among the Plebeians? Rome went into a civil war and plebeian leaders were killed
This man was very smart and had loyal troops. He also led the army that conquered Gaul. Julius Caesar
Why was Julius Caesar murdered? He gained too much power too quickly
How was Julius Caesar killed? Stabbed by a group of senators
What event marked the end of the Republic and the beginning of the empire? Octavian being awarded the title Augustus and becoming the ruler
An area of the Roman empire with a governor and an army Province
The two worst Roman rulers were Caligula and Nero
The last good ruler of the Roman Empire was Marcus Aurelius
Who influenced the Romans? The Greeks
A curved structure used as a support over an open space Arch
Stone, sand, cement, and water makes Concrete
Site of contests and combats between people and animals Colosseum
Structures that carry water over long distances Aqueduct
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