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Unit 1


Christian upbringing examples 1.going to church 2.attend faith school 3.sunday school 4.taught to pray 5.being baptized/confirmed 6.thank God during christian festivals
Religious experiences numinous conversion experience answered prayers
evidence of design the way humans grow from tiny dna. nature works perfectly together-food chains. complex mechanism-eye. the beauty of the natural world
non-religious arguments FOR life after death experience of ghosts. near death experiences. can all believers be wrong? must be a point to suffering. mediums contacting the dead.
non-religious arguments AGAINST life after death plants /animals. no physical place-cant be in the sky. illogical. no proof. provides comfort for the bereaved. if it were true all religions would believe the same.
non religious attitudes FOR abortion the right to choose. womans welfare n health.
non religious attitudes AGAINST abortion form of murder. everyone has a right to life. all life is valueable. a foetus has rights and cant defend itself,the law should protect it.
euthanasia: against the use drugs can be use to reduce pain. its murder. those who consider it arent in the right state of mind. medicine might find a cure. some might be pressured. no more trust in doctors. when is acceptable or not?
euthanasia: changing the law for animals is kinder. ppl should be able to choose. shuld be able to die with dignity n a decent qualty of life. can cost alot to keep ppl alive wen there is no hope
euthanasia: christianity the duty of doctors. sixth commandment. sanctity of life-only god can decide.
euthanasia: Islam Qur'an bans suicide. life is a test-suicide is cheating. sanctity of life.
Purpose of marriage: Christianty live togther in love. have children. create a christian family. comfort & companionship.
pre-marital sex: Christianity wrong. sex is for kids only in marriage. bible=fornication is wrong.
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