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Chapter 16

What were the Mayan achievements that showed how advanced they were? Their development of mathematics, calendars and astronomy
Where did the Maya Civilization develop? They were located in present-day southern Mexico and Northern Central America
What type of government did the Mayans practice? A theocracy in which a god-king ruled
What brought the Mayan cities together? Trade linked them to each other
What was the name of the Mayans writing system? glyps
What was the Aztec capital city? Tenochtitlan
Where did the Aztec civilization develop? The Valley of Mexico
Who did the Aztecs use for sacrificial victims? Slaves, criminals and people was offered as tribute from conquered territories
The Aztec noble class was made up of what? Military leaders, government officials and priests
What ruled Aztec life? their polytheistic religion
How did the first Americans reach North America? They crossed the Bering Strait during the last ice age as a land bridge
In what ways were the North American societies connected to each other? They were linked to each other politically, economically and culturally
What is a natural object used by America Indian clans to identify and unify a clan or group? A totems
How did the earliest Native Americans live? they lived as hunters and food gathers
What was one achievement of the Pacific Northwest Native Americans? The hunting of whales in canoes
What type was a mita in the Incan Empire? A labor tribute
The Inca used the quipu to record data
What cause the decline of the Inca Empire? Struggle between rivals for the Inca throne
Where did the Incas develop? They develop in the Andes of South America
What is ayllu? A small community or clan whose members worked together for the common good
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