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World War One

Chapter 23- World War One Study Guide

Who is Vladimir Lenin A Marxist radical who led the Bolshevik Party in Russia's 1917 Communist Revolution
Who is Leon Trotsky Head of the Petrograd Soviet and later commissar of war under the Bolsheviks
Who is Czar Nicholas II Russian Emperor whose family ruled for over 300 years.
What were the M.A.I.N. causes of WWI Military, Alliances, Imperialism, & Nationalism
How was Nationalism a cause for war National pride promotes extremist groups like the Black Hand to take drastic measures for independence.
How were Alliances a cause for war After the Bosnian Crisis, nations' allies were forced to take sides. Triple Entente vs. Triple Alliance
How was Imperialism a cause for war Austria-Hungary annexes Bosnia; this upsets nationalists in the Balkans
How was Militarism a cause for war Nations begin to mobilize armies creating an arms race
who was Gavrilo Princip A member of the Black Hand (extreme nationalists) who assassinated Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand
who was William II The Emperor of Germany who made a poor choice to create an alliance with Austria-Hungary
who was Woodrow Wilson American President who created the 14-point peace doctrine for post-war Europe (lasting peace) He became a model for world peace
what was trench warfare combat fought in rows of ditches with a "no mans land" between them. This turned the Great War into a stalemate.
how did new technology affect the war new weapons changed the way the war was fought. aerial combat, armored tanks, long distance artillery, and automatic weapons created a new brutality in modern warfare.
how was Propaganda used to influence the war governments used bias information to influence public opinion to help the war cause
how did the Home Front affect the war with men away at war, more women and children had to work at the places men had left. During the total war, all aspects of the economy shifted
what was the Schlieffen Plan Germany's battle plan to attack France quickly then fight Russia; created a war on two fronts
What nations were in the Triple Alliance (Central Powers) Germany, Italy, Ottoman Empire, & Austria Hungary
What nations were in the Triple Entente (Allied Powers) Great Britain, France, Russia & later USA
Why did the isolationist America enter the First World War The unrestricted submarine warfare led to the sinking of the Lusitania & USA intercepted the Zimmerman Telegram proposing war with Mexico
What is a total war All factors of the society and economy are shifted to help the war effort
Where did the Russian Revolution begin In the (past) capital of Russia, Petrograd/St. Petersburg
Why did the Russian Revolution begin Many people within the capital were starving, what began as protest grew into revolution
What are 'Soviets' councils of workers and soldiers
who were the bolsheviks a communist political party led by Vladimir Lenin
how did America's entry into WWI affect other troops? It gave a psychological boost to our allies and soon made the exhausted Germans surrender.
What did the bolsheviks want? to replace the Czar, and later, the provisional government with a communist dictatorship
How did the bolsheviks seize power? They used sailors from a nearby naval base to annex the capital city of Petrograd; October Revolution
What did the Treaty of Brest- Litovsk accomplish? Removed Russia from the First World War, but gave up a lot of territory to Germany like; Poland Ukraine, Baltic provinces
Why was there a civil war in Russia? Many people rebelled against the controlling dictatorship of Lenin that had been established.
What was the role of the Cheka? The Bolshevik's secret police force used to silence any counter-revolutionaries. Used fear to control
Describe Woodrow Wilson's 14 Points Post-War plan that did not target Germany as the cause for WWI, rather it focused on moving forward and promoted a lasting peace in the World
What happened at the Paris Peace Conference (1919) Nations gathered to draft the Treaty of Versailles
What were the effects of the Treaty of Versailles It punished and De-militerized Germany. Most of Europe demanded they claim guilt for the entire war. This drove Germany's economy into the dirt, making them the poorest nation on earth for a decade
what was the Bosnian crisis In an act of imperialism, Austria Hungary annexes Bosnia; a nation in the Balkan Peninsula
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