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French Revelution

what is the percentage of people living in each estate? Clergy=.5 Nobility=1.5 Everyone Else=98.
what is the majority of the population? peasants.
name the three social classes? Clergy, Nobility, and Peasants.
how many votes did each state have? One.
why couldn't the third estate get into the building? the other two estates had the door locked.
what did they take a oath for? that they wouldn't stop until France had a constitution.
where did they take the oath? a tennis court.
what did they do as a start to their revelation? they stormed the bastille.
who was king during the revolution? king Luis the 16th.
what was he king over? France.
who was the queen? Marie Antoinette.
what was a famous quote she Marie said? let them eat cake.
who was a major supporter of the revolution? Marat.
what did Marat do that got him killed? wrote pamphlets about killing the king.
who found the pamphlets? charlotte Corday.
what did Charlotte do? killed Marat.
who took Marat's place? Maximillion Robespierre.
what did the revolution group call themselves? the Jacobins AKA: without fancy pants.
what did Robespierre do to the king and Queen? has them guillotined.
how does Robespierre rule France? by killing anyone who opposes him
what was Robespierre's season of killing called? the rein of terror.
what Robespierre do in Nantes? Burned a ship with all of his enemies on it.
what else did Robespierre do? The republic of virtue.
What did Robespierre do to churches? Turned them into philosophy halls.
What did Robespierre do to street names? changed them to things like straight street.