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Chapter 6 Vocabulary

Chapter 6 Lessons 2-3

John Locke helped Thomas Jefferson with the Declaration of Independence he believes inequality stresses that people have a right to overthrow an unjust government says government gets power from the people
Salons gatherings where thinkers discuss ideas
Baroque grand, ornate designs
Declaration of Independence a statement of the reasons for the American colonies break with Britian approved by the 2nd Continental Congress in 1776
Bill of Rights the 1st Ten Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, which protect citizens basic rights and freedom
Scientific Revolution a way of thinking about the natural world. It was used upon careful observations and willingness to question accepted beliefs
Main Idea A revolution in intellectual activity changes Europeans view of government & society
Enlightenment a movement stressing reason and thought
Social Contract getting order by giving power to monarch
Created by: rubyromero