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Unit 17 -10th (extra

Unit 17: Modern Times (extra)

2nd Iraq War (cause, result) US and Britain claimed Saddam Hussein the leader of Iraq had weapons of mass destruction (WMD's) and invaded, removed Saddam, and occupied Iraq
acid rain pollution in rain
AIDS disease that kills millions of people in Africa every year
African National Congress (ANC) organization led by Nelson Mandela that opposed South Africa's apartheid
African Union organization of African countries
Ayatollah Khomeini Muslim religious leader who led a revolt in Iran, took power, and created a Islamic influenced government
Asian Tigers nations located in the Pacific that have seen quick economic growth (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea)
Bangladesh poor Muslim country that split away from Pakistan and lies on the Ganges Delta, which sees a lot of flooding due to its low sea level
Blood Diamonds diamonds that are sold to pay for weapons in Africa
Boris Yeltsin Russia's first president after the fall of the Soviet Union
Bosnian Civil War (results) Bosnian Serbs led by Slobodon Milosevic used ethnic cleansing against the Muslim Bosnians
Computer Revolution (cause, result) started after the invention of the personal computer and has let to the creation of the Internet which linked individuals, governments, and businessses
Darfur genocide carried out by the government of Sudan against its non-Ararb people
Deng Xiaoping communist leader who that allowed some capitalism in China
developed nations countries that control the world's wealth (US, Europe, Japan)
developing nations countries that supply low paid workers to make cheap goods for wealthy countries
Euro European Union money
Gamal Abdul Nasser leader who modernized Egypt
Ganges Delta area in Bangladesh that is below sea level leading to increased flooding
Hugo Chavez president of Venezuela that ruled like a dictator
indigenous native people of a country
Iranian Revolution (leader, result) Muslim leader Ayatollah Khomeini overthrew the shah of Iran, he then ended women's, created an Islamic government, and attempted to develop nuclear weapons
Irish Republican Army (IRA) Catholic organization that used terrorism to try and end British control of Northern Ireland
Islamic fundamentalism belief that Islam should control all parts of society
creation of Israel (cause, result) UN created a homeland for Jews after the Holocaust, however, the Muslim Palestinians living there did not accept it and used terrorism against the Jewish Israelis
Kurds minority group in Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey who want an independent country of Kurdistan
Kwame Nkrumah Nationalist leader of Ghana who gained independence from Britain
Latin America Area including Mexico, Central America, and South America that was heavily influenced by Spanish imperialism
mixed economy economic system that combines a market and command economy
Nicaragua Conflict (opposing groups) civil war between the communist Sandinistas vs. the US backed Contras
nonalignment when a country stays neutral
Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) Muslim organization led by Yasir Arafat that led the Palestinian struggle against Israel
Pakistan Muslim country with nuclear weapons that has been influenced by Islamic fundamentalism and has a rivalry with India
Pan-Africanism nationalist movement to unite all Africans
Pan-Arabism nationalist movement to unite all Muslim Arabs
peacekeepers United Nations military
Persian Gulf War (cause, result) began when Iraq invaded Kuwait and resulted in a UN coalition led by the US to successfully drive the Iraqis out of Kuwait
recession period of poor economic conditions in a country
refugee person who flees their country
Roadmap to Peace plan by the US to solve the conflict in Israel between the Jewish Israelis and Muslim Palestinians
Russia-chechnya Conflict (opposing groups, result) conflict between Russia and Muslim nationalists in Chechnya who have used terrorism in their attempt to gain independence from Russia
Slobodan Milosevic Serbian president who used ethnic cleansing against the Albanians and was put on trial for crimes against humanity
Taliban Islamic fundamentalist group that took control of Afghanistan that allowed al Qaeda to safely plan the September 11, 2001 attacks on the US
theocracy government ruled by religious leaders, ex: Iran
Universal Declaration of Human Rights United Nations document that stated that all people were guaranteed basic human rights
Vladimir Putin President of Russia who has limited freedom of speech and increased his power
Yasir Arafat Leader of the PLO who led the struggle against Israel
Created by: Moschak