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Unit 17 - 10th

Unit 17: Modern Times (required)

al Qaeda Islamic fundamentalist group led by Osama bin Laden who is responsible for the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the US
apartheid laws passed by South Africa that separated black and white citizens
Arab-Israel conflict (cause, result) conflict that began after Israel was created, Israel successfully defeated attacking Muslim nations, but the violence has continued
deforestation cutting down of trees, ex: Amazon Basin
desertification spreading of the desert, ex: Sahel
ethnic cleansing killing of an ethnic group, ex: Bosnian Civil War
European Union (EU) organization created in 1993 by European nations to increase free trade
Four Modernizations (leader, result) policy began by Deg Xiaoping that allowed some capitalism in China
free trade countries trade with each other without penalty
globalization countries' economies are connected, ex: McDonald's in China
global warming rise of the Earth's temperatures over time
Green Revolution (cause, result) new seeds, pesticides, and equipment (tractors) were introduced to developing countries and have increased farm production
immigration movement of people from one country to another
interdependence countries relying on each other for goods, resources, knowledge, labor
Jomo Kenyatta nationalist leader of Kenya who led an independence movement from Britain
Kashmir area in the Himalaya Mountains that India and Pakistan have fought over
literacy ability to read
Middle East are of the world that is mainly Muslim and has much of the worlds oil
Nelson Mandela leader of the African National Congress (ANC) that led the fight against apartheid in South Africa
nuclear proliferation spread of nuclear weapons
1 Child Policy policy in China to slow overpopulation
OPEC organization of oil holding countries that look to control oil production and prices
Osama bin Laden leader of the terrorist organization, al Qaeda whose goal was to destroy the US and Israel
overpopulation having too many people
Rwanda Civil War (opposing groups, result) conflict between the Hutu and Tutsi in Rwanda that saw 1000's killed in a genocide and millions to losing their homes
Saddam Hussein dictator of Iraq who used chemical weapons in a genocide of Kurdish Iraqi citizens
terrorism using violence, especially against civilians, to achieve a goal
Tiananmen Square Massacre (cause, result) students protesting for democracy in China were killed when the government sent in troops
United Nations (UN) organization created after World War Two to prevent another world war, it has the power to send in military peacekeepers to solve conflicts
weapons of mass destruction (WMD's) biological, nuclear, and chemical weapons
Created by: Moschak