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Unit 15a -10th (extr

Unit 15a: Rise of Dictators (extra)

Weimar Republic weak democratic government set up in Germany after World War One
Italian aggression, 1930's Italy invaded Ethiopia for its natural resources
German aggression, 1930's Germany violated the Treaty of Versailles by building up its military and took over the Rhineland, Austria, and the Sudetenland
Amritsar Massacre British soldiers fired upon and unarmed crowed increasing Indian nationalism
Balfour Declaration promise by Britain to create a homeland for Jews in Palestine (Israel)
Bolsheviks communist group led by Lenin who overthrew the Russia government after a revolution
Chinese Civil War (opposing groups, result) Communists led by Mao Zedong defeated the Nationalist in China
collectivization Soviet Union policy to create large government farms
Communist International or Comintern Russian organization led by Lenin to spread communism around the world
fascism political system that stressed extreme nationalism and a strong government, ex: Nazi Germany, Mussolini's Italy
Final Solution Hitler's plan to kill all Jews
Gestapo Hitler's secret police
Great Purge (results) Stalin killed communist members of the government
gulag soviet prison
Japan's invasion of Manchuria Japan attacked part of China to gain its natural resources
Jiang Jieshi (Chiang Kai-Shek) Leader of the Chinese Nationalist who lost to the Communist
Long March Chinese Natinalist forced the Communist under Mao Zedong to retreat
Mexican Revolution (leaders, result) Emiliano Zapata, Pancho Villa, and other led a rebellion that let to a constitution
Nazism political party led by Hitler that came to power in Germany that killed millions of Jews in Europe
Nazi Youth Hitler's policy to brainwash young Germans with Nazi ideas
New Economic Policy (NEP) policy of Lenin to allow small amounts of capitalism in the Soviet Union
Nuremberg Laws rules passed in Nazi Germany that forced Jews to wear the Star of David when in public
Rape of Nanking Japanese genocide on a city in China
Russian Civil War (opposing groups, result) Lenin's communist ("Reds") defeated the czar's supporters ("Whites")
soviet council of workers that ruled Russian cities and were led by the Communist Party
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