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Unit 15a - 10th

Unit 15a: Rise of Dictators (required)

Adolf Hitler German nationalist totalitarian leader of the Nazi Party who led a genocide against Jews in Europe
anti-semitism hatred of Jews
appeasement giving into an aggressors demands, ex: Munich Conference
Benito Mussolini Fascist totalitarian leader of Italy
civil disobedience refusing to follow unjust laws
collective large farms found in communist countries
command economy economic system where the government makes all economic decision typically found under communist governments
concentration camps Nazi death camps, ex: Auschwitz
dictator one ruler with total power, ex: Hitler, Stalin
Five Year Plans Stalin's built up industries in the Soviet Union by setting high production targets
Great Depression (cause, results) began when the NY Stock Exchange crashed caused millions to lose their jobs
Joseph Stalin communist totalitarian leader of the Soviet Union who encouraged collectivization and the 5 Year Plans
Kemal Ataturk nationalist leader who modernized and westernized Turkey
Kristallnacht known as the "Night of the Broken Glass", it saw Nazi's attack Jewish businesses in Germany
Holocaust (cause, result) genocide began by Hitler and the Nazi's against Jews in Europe
isolationism decrease in contact with the world
Mao Zedong Chinese communist leader who gained power buy gaining the support of peasants
military expansionism increasing ones lands by military means
Mohandas Gandhi nationalist leader who wanted to end British control of India by using non-violent resistance and civil disobedience
Munich Conference Britain and France practiced appeasement towards Hitler by giving him the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia if he promised he would stop taking over lands
Nuremberg Trials courts for Nazi war criminals who committed crimes against humanity
passive resistance non-violent resistance, ex: boycott
"peace, land, and bread" promise by Lenin to end Russia's involvement in WWI, give land to peasants, and feed the cities' poor
Russian Revolution (cause, result) started because the czar was weak, too many soldiers deaths during World War One, and mass starvation, this led to Lenin and the Communists taking control
Salt March (cause, result) Britain taxed salt in India, as a result Gandhi marched to the sea to get salt and was jailed
Forced Famine (origin, cause, result) Ukrainian peasants resisted Stalin's collectivization and as a result Stalin destroyed all of the crops leading to millions dying
Theodor Herzl journalist who developed Zionism
totalitarianism government ruled by a dictator with total control
Zionism idea created by Theodor Herzl to create a Jewish homeland
Created by: Moschak