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Unit 13 -10th (extra

Unit 13 - Age of Imperialism (extra)

Berlin Conference European countries met to discuss how to colonize Africa to gain natural resources
British East Indian Company British organization that controlled India and whose policies caused the Sepoy Mutiny and Parliament to take control of India
cash crop economy economy based on one crop
Commodore Matthew Perry commanded the US Navy that forced open Japan's ports leading to the Meiji Restoration
Indian National Congress organization of Indian nationalist leaders who wanted independence from Britain
Japanese Imperialism (cause, results) the Meiji Restoration led to the building up of factories in Japan causing a need for raw materials, Japan invaded Korea and Manchuria
Muslim League organization of Muslim Indian nationalists who wanted independence from Britain
spheres of influence areas of control
Sun Yat-sen (Yixian) Chinese nationalist and the first president of China
zaibatsu Japanese business families
Zulu Empire African civilization that was defeated by Britain's superior weapons
Created by: Moschak