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Unit 13 - 10th

Unit 13 - Age of Imperialism (required)

Boxer Rebellion (origin, cause, result) Chinese hatred of European imperialism caused a revolt which failed because of Europe's better weapons
ethnocentrism belief that your culture is the best, ex: Nazi's 1930's
imperialism stronger country taking over a weaker country to gain its natural resources
Meiji Restoration (cause, results) US Navy forced open Japan ports for trade which caused Japan to build up its industry and military
Opium Wars (cause, result) China told the British to stop selling it drugs, Britain refused and defeated the Chinese because of its better weapons
Panama Canal shortened shipping routes by linking the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
Partition of Africa splitting up of Africa's lands by Europe to gain Africa's natural resources
Scramble for Africa conquering of large parts of Africa by Europe to gain Africa's natural resources
Sepoy Mutiny (cause, result) British forced Indian soldiers to bite of cartridges lined with cow (sacred to Hindus) and pig fat (forbidden by Muslims) leading to a Indian revolt that was defeated by Britain's better military
Suez Canal shortened shipping routes by linking the Mediterranean and Red Seas
White Man's Burden European belief that it was their duty to spread their culture to the rest of the world
Created by: Moschak