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Unit 12 -10th (extra

Unit 12: Age of Nationalism (extra)

Camillo Cavour Italian nationalist leader
German unification (leader, events) Otto von Bismark united Germany based on the idea of "blood and iron"
Guiseppe Garibaldi Italian nationalist leader
Giuseppe Mazzini Italian nationalist leader
The Great Hunger nickname for the Irish Potato Famine
Haitian Revolution (location, leader, results) Toussaint L'Ouverture led a slave revolt against the French in Haiti helping to gain its independence
Irish Migration As a result of the Irish Potato Famine, million of Irish moved to the US
kaiser German emperor
parliamentary democracy government where the parliament is elected by the people
Prince Metternich Led the Congress of Vienna that reinstalled power to those kings removed by Napoleon
realpolitik making political decisions based on the end justifies the means
rotten boroughts rural British towns that had no citizens but received a vote in Parliament
Russification forcing people to act Russian (language and customs)
Simon Bolivar nationalist leader who encouraged Latin American independence
Created by: Moschak