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Unit 11 -10th (extra

Unit 11 - Industrial Revolution (extra)

Agrarian Revolution British farmers mixed different soils and used crop rotation to increase crop production
Charles Darwin scientist who said life evolved over time based on "survival of the fittest"
Communist Manifesto Book written by Karl Marx and Friedrick Engels
domestic system slow process used to make clothing before factories were created, wool was spun into year by farmers, yarn was sent to weavers, fabric taken to fullers to clean, then to dyer to add color
enclosures rich British landowners fenced off lands forcing workers to move to cities
James Watt improved the steam engine
labor unions workers who joined together for great strength in the workplace
proletariat working class in Russia
socialism economic idea that society rather than individuals should own and control means of production (farms, factories, railways)
steel lighter, harder, and stronger than iron, it was used to make tools, bridges, railroads
supply and demand influenced capitalism, it describes how much is produced and how many people want to buy and item
Thomas Malthus said there would be more people than food, however, new farm technology allow food to grow as fast as populations
Social Darwinism the idea of "survival of the fittest" is used to explain stronger countries taking over weaker countries
Created by: Moschak