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Unit 8 - 9th (extra)

Unit 8: Age of Exploration (extra)

astrolabe tool that shows sailors latitude
caravel advanced ships used during the Age of Exploration
cartographer map maker
circumnavigate traveling around the world, ex: Magellan
colonialism policy to create colonies as a source of raw materials
Commercial Revolution (origin, characteristics) period in Europe when money reappeared as people move away from the barter system
creoles people of European ancestry born in Latin America
encomienda document issued by the Spanish kings that forced the natives of the Americas to work on plantations
Francisco Pizarro Spanish conquistador who conquered the Inca Empire
Hernan Cortez Spanish conquistador who conquered the Aztec Empire
inflation rising prices
joint stock companies people pool money together to create large businesses
mestizos people of mixed European and native ancestry born in Latin America
Marco Polo Italian merchant who traveled to China and wrote about his journeys increasing European interest in China
Middle Passage Trade route bringing African slaves to the Americas
monopoly one person/organization controls all of one business
peninsulars people born in Europe living in Latin America
Smallpox disease brought by European to the Americas during the Age of Exploration
Created by: Moschak