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Unit 8 - 9th

Unit 8: Age of Exploration (required)

Age of Exploration (cause) began by Spain and Portugal when people explored the oceans looking for a shorter trade route for India and China's spices
Trans-Atlantic Slave trade trade route that brought slaves from Africa to North and South America
Christopher Columbus Spanish explorer who discovered the Americas in 1492 AD
Columbian Exchange trade of goods, ideas, and diseases began when Europeans came in contact with people of the Americas
conquistador Spanish conquerer, ex: Cortes, Pizarro
The Encounter (cause, results) began when Columbus founded the Americas, it led to increased cultural diffusion and the death of natives of the Americas due to disease
export selling goods to another country
Ferdinand Magellan first person to circumnavigate the Earth
Henry the Navigator built schools for sailors in Portugal
mercantilism economic policy used by European kings that stressed "mother countries" getting gold and silver and creating colonies for raw materials
natural resources materials found in nature for manufacturing, ex: wood, coal, oil
plantation large farm
Triangular Trade Route trade route between Africa (gives slaves), Americas (gives raw materials), and Europe (gives manufactured goods)
Created by: Moschak