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Ch.16 Study Guide

Native Americans, Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas :D

How did hunter-gatherers pass from Asia to North America about 40,000 to 12,000 years ago? The Bering Strait
What was a potlatch ceremony? It was a ceremony in which wealthy families could show off their rank and prosperity by giving food, drinks, and gifts to the community.
Where did the Pacific Northwestern Native Americans live? Modern day Oregon to Alaska
Which two groups of Native Americans lived in the states of Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico? Anasaki and Hohokam
What was the name of the houses the Anasaki built and lived in? Pueblos
Which group of Native Americans were called the Mound Builders? Southeastern Native Americans
Which Native American group often fought for control of land and made alliances,of which most successful was the Iroquis League? Northeastern Native Americans
What is a totem? A natural object or animal that a person, clan, or family uses to show its identity.
In what ways were all the Native American groups similar and what common features did they all share? Trade linked them together, along with their religious beliefs,an emphasis on family, and a great respect for the land.
Where was the Mayan civilization located? In what is today southern Mexico and northern Central America.
In what time period did the Mayan civilization exist? Between 250 and 900 A.D.
Who was at the top of the social class structure for both the Aztecs and Mayans? The emperor/king who was treated as a god.
Both the Aztecs and Mayans were __________ in their religion. Polytheistic
In what areas did the Mayans develop in? Mathematics, astronomy, and calendars.
What was the name of the Mayan writing system? Glyphs
What was the name of the bark-paper book used by the Mayans to record important historical events? Codex
What is the Popul Vuh? A famous book that records the Mayan story of the creation of the world.
What are three possible reasons for the decline of the Mayans? Warfare between city-states, overuse of natural resources, and the loss of their faith.
Where were the Aztecs located? The Valley of Mexico.
What was the important trade item for the Toltecs and Aztecs? Obsidian
What was the Triple Alliance? The Aztecs joining an alliance with two other city-states which eventually became the leading power.
What was the Aztec's empire based on? Military conquest and collecting tribute
What was the capital city of the Aztecs? Tenochtitlan
What is the purpose of causeways? To connect cities to the mainland
Who did the Aztecs sacrifice? The people taken captive in war
Where were the Incas located? The Andes of South America and the Valley of Cuzco (modern day Peru)
What was the time period of the Incas? From 1200s to early 1500s
Who is the Incas' sun god? Inti
Who is the famous ruler of the Incas? Pachacuti
What was the name of the Incas' "city in the sky" ? Machu Picchu
How did the Incas' empire grow? Military conquest
What is the name of the technique used to develop crops in an area difficult to farm? Terracing
What is the language of the Incas? Quechua
What is the quipu? A set of knotted strings used for counting.
What was the capital of the Incas? Cuzco
Who conquered the Incas? The Spanish
Created by: talexander852