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Unit 6 - 9th

Unit 6: Middle Ages Around World (required)

Bantu Migration movement of the early African people who were looking for better farmland due to desertification
Byzantine Empire (religion, achievements) civilization of Eastern Europe that was Orthodox Christian, it preserved Greek and Roman knowledge and created the Justinian Code and Hagia Sophia
Constantinople capital of the Byzantine Empire, its location linked European and Asian trade
czar Russia ruler
Eastern Orthodox Church (beliefs, influence) branch of Christianity that rejected the pope, influenced Byzantine Empire
Genghis Khan Mongol leader
Inca (origin, geography, achievements) civilization developed in South America along the Andes mountains, developed step terraces and many roads
Mansa Musa Mali leader who converted his people to Islam and to a hajj to Mecca
Mongols (location, achievement, leaders) nomadic people that conquered Asia which made the Silk Road trade safe, leaders included Genghis Khan and Kublai Khan
samurai warrior under Japanese feudalism
step terraces steps built into the mountains to farm, (used by Inca, Japanese)
subsistence agriculture growing just enough to feed your family
traditional economy economic system where people depend on the land to live, children learn the jobs of their parents
Trans-Saharan Trade Route trade route over the Sahara Desert that focused on gold and salt
Zheng He Chinese sailor who explored the India Ocean
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