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Unit 5 - 9th (extra)

Unit 5: Middle Ages (extra)

Akbar the Great Leader of Mughal Empire in India, modernized the army and allowed religious freedom
apprentice person learning a trade/skill (ex. blacksmith, carpenter) from a master (expert) of that skill
branches of Islam (2 total) Sunni and Shia (Shiite)
Charlemagne Barbarian leader of the Franks who spread Christianity to the Germanic people who conquered Rome
common law rules everyone had to follow in England during the Middle Ages
crop rotation growing different crops on the same land each season to increase production
epidemic disease that affects a large area, ex: Black Death
fief land given by the lord to a vassal
Gothic Architecture type of medieval European building used on Catholic churches and cathedrals
guild groups of skilled workers (ex. carpenters) who train future workers (apprentices)and set prices/wages
Hanseatic League trade organization of Northern German cities during the Middle Ages
manorialism economic system used in Medieval Europe that was based on agriculture and was self-sufficient
Suleiman I absolute monarch of the Ottoman Empire
Created by: Moschak