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Unit 5 - 9th

Unit 5: Middle Ages (required)

barter system trade one item of value for another, ex: medieval Europe
Black Death (bubonic plague)to disease that spread from China to Europe along trade trade by flees on rats because of unsanitary conditions and caused trade to stop
chivalry knights code
Crusades (causes, results) Holy wars fought between Christians and Muslims over Jerusalem. While the Christians lost trade increased between Europe and the Middle East
Dark Ages or Medieval Period nicknames for the Middle Ages in Europe
excommunication Catholic Church's ability to kick someone out of the church
feudalism (feudal system) system in Europe and Japan where the poor work for the rich for free in return for protection
Holy Land nickname given to Jerusalem
knight warriors under feudalism in Medieval Europe
lord rich nobles under feudalism in Medieval Europe
Magna Carta English law that forced the king to follow the law
manor lords lands under feudalism in Medieval Europe
monarchy government ruled by a king
Parliament legislature in England (Britain)
pope leader of the Catholic Church
Roman Catholic Church Branch of Christianity led by pope in Western Europe
serf peasants under feudalism in Medieval Europe
Middle Ages (causes, characteristics) Began after the fall of Rome, trade and education stopped, and Christianity and feudalism dominated
tithe 10% tax of the Catholic Church
vassal lesser lord under feudalism in Medieval Europe
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