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Unit 3 - 9th

Unit 3 - Ancient Civilizations Golden Ages (required)

Alexander the Great leader of Greece who started Hellenism
Ancient Greece (geography) civilization developed on a peninsula whose many mountains led to the creation of separate city-states (ex: Athens, Sparta)
Athens city-state of Greece that developed a direct democracy and stressed education
civil service system created by the Han Dynasty in China, it gave the government jobs to those who scored the highest on tests
direct democracy government developed in Athens where every citizen voted on every government action
golden age period of peace and increased achievements in math/architecture/science for a civilization
Hellenism blending of Greek, Egyptian, Persian, and Indian culture as a result of Alexander the Great's conquests
peninsula landmass surrounded on 3 sides by water
Silk Road trade route that linked Europe and China
Sparta city-state of Greece that focused on a strong military
Twelve Tables Roman laws
Ancient Rome (geography, achievements, decline) civilization developed on the Italian peninsula and along the Mediterranean Sea. It developed many roads and aqueducts. It ended when Germanic barbarians invaded.
Created by: Moschak