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WH- Chapter 16

People and Empires in the Americas

How did the hunter-gatherers travel from Asia to the Americas? crossed the Bering Strait
Which group had potlatches? Pacific-Northwest
Which Southwest group showed contact with Mesoamericans? Hohokam
Which group lived in pueblos and were located near the Four Corners? Anasazi
Why were Mound Builders called Mound Builders? built huge mounds where they buried their dead
What was the name of the last Mound Builders called? Mississippians
The northeastern woodland tribes created the __________ League. Which was an alliance between five different tribes in upper New York. Iroquois
What was a major factor that linked the people of North America together? trade
What did the Native Americans worship? nature spirits
Native Americans respected the _______ and didn't believe anyone could own it. land
Native American clans used _________ to identify themselves. totems
The Mayas capital was ________. Tikal
Mayas grew crops on _________________. raised plant beds and hillside terraces
__________ influenced most of Maya life. Religion
Both Aztecs and Mayas performed ____________. human/blood sacrifices
The Mayas developed a really accurate and advanced __________. calendar
Mayas used what as their writing system? glyphs
The Mayas book, Popol Vuh, told the story of __________. creation
The Maya Empire collapsed because ______________. of unknown reasons
Where were the Aztecs located? Valley of Mexico
What was one of the earliest city-states in the valley of Mexico called? Teotihuacan
What did the Toltec legend about Quetzalcoatl say? one day he would return and bring a new reign of peace
What were the Aztecs based on? military conquest and tributes from conquered peoples
What was the Aztec's capital and where was it located? Tenochtitlan, on an island
Why did people rebel against the Aztec Empire? the huge demand for sacrifice victims
Who invaded the Aztec's causing their collapse? Spaniards
The foundation of the Inca Empire was ______________. cultural
The Inca sun god was ________ and they believe their rulers were his descendants. Inti
The Inca city Machu Picchu was also known as ____________. "city in the sky"
Incas wanted to win ____________ of conquered people instead of fear. loyalty
Inca language was called _________. Quechua
Incas never developed a what? writing system
The Inca device for counting was called _______. quipu
The Incas were very controlling over their _________. econonmy
The Inca capital was _________. Cuzco
The Inca Empire weakened because of _________. a civil war
The Incas were conquered by the Spanish because __________. superior technology, divide and conquer
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