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Chapter 16

What type of Native Americans were also called the Mound Builders? The Southeastern Native Americans
What was a potlatch? A ceremony in which wealthy families could show their rank and prosperity by giving food, drink, and gifts to the community.
What branch of Native Americans were the Anasazi and Hohokam in? The Southwestern Native Americans
What is a totem? A natural object it animal that a person, clan, or family uses to show its identity.
What linked the Native American groups together? Religious beliefs, they all thought the world was full of spirits and that people had to follow certain rituals and customs to live in peace.
What did not link the Native American groups? types of shelter and hunting techniques
What was the most important resource to the Pacific Northwestern Native Americans? The sea, hunting fish and whales
What did all Native American tribes share an emphasis in? Family, including children, parents, grandparents, and other relatives
Which Native American group often fought to control the land? The Northeastern Native Americans
What are pueblos? Large, apartment-style groupings made of stone and clay baked in the sun.
Where was the Mayan Empire? southern Mexico and northern Central America
What was Tikal? A large city in the Mayan Empire
Did the Mayans believe in one god or many? Many, they believed in polytheism.
Who were in the Mayan middle class? Merchants and craft workers
How long was the solar calendar? 18 months and 20 days
How long was the religious calendar? 13 months and 20 days
What is a codex? A bark paper book that has recorded historical events
what was the Popul Vuh? The Maya story of the creation of the world
What is a possible reason why the Mayan Empire declined? The overuse of natural resources. the soil became less productive and dry due to intensive farming
What were inside the Mayan cities? Pyramids, temples, and palaces
Where were the Aztecs located? The Valley of Mexico, Central Mexico
What was the real name of the City of Gods? Teotihuacan, it was a major trade network
Who were the Toltecs? A group of people that ruled over central Mexico for 300 years and were warlike
How did the Aztec Empire gain power? By collecting tribute from conquered people and military conquest
What was the Triple Alliance? The Aztecs joined an alliance with two other city-states to become the leading power of the Valley of Mexico in 1428.
Where did the Inca civilization develop? In the Andes Mountains of South America
How did the Incas gain power? Through military conquest, and offering new people the chance to join the empire peacefully.
What was mita? A payment of labor to the emperor through building state roads or working on state farms.
What are the Incas known for? Their complex network of roads
Did the Inca have a written language and/or common language? Name either one. They had a common language called Quechua
Created by: gracem30