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World Religions


_________is a set of practices and beliefs agreed on by a number of persons. Religion
Explains the cause and nature of the universe as a result of a_________or set of beings. Supreme being
The Functions of Religion: 1.Gives_______ 2.Instructs how to_______ 3.Explains_______ 4.Creation of World 5.Explains_________purpose 1.Hope 2.Live 3.Afterlife 4. 5.human purpose
The Big 5(population) 1._________(Christians) 2._________(Muslims) 3.Buddhism(________) 4.________(Hindus) 5.Judaism(________) 1.Christianity 2.Islam 3.Buddhists 4.Hinduism 5.Jews
Hinduism is the_________,still practiced today. Oldest
It was founded in India,______BCE 3000
__________,b/c its so old. No founder
Started by________(light skinned ppl),to keep down the Dravidians(__________ppl). Aryans,dark skinned
Their belief their is many gods-________. Polytheistic
3 Main Gods: 1._______(preserver) 2.Brahma(_________) 3.Shiva(Destroyer) 1.Vishnu 2.Creator 3.
Dharma is their________so they can move up in the caste system. Duty
(1)_____-Deeds build up in life that you have to pay for in the next(2)_______. (1)Karma (2)Life
No________=Mokasha Karma
Their holy text is called the_______. Vedas
The Vedas was the first_______word. Oral
They believe when you die that you_________up or down in the caste. Reincarnate
You keep reincarnating until you reach Moksha which means you reach________. Heaven
The hindus do meditating/stretching called_______. Yoga
The place of worship is called a_________. Temple
They call their religious leaders _________, Gurus(Spiritual teachers). Priests
The hindus think that eating animals is ________. Wrong
Judaism started in _________. Israel
________BCE(Before Common Era) 2000
________=Soloman Founder
The jews were ________ which means one god. Monotheistic
For jews the purpose in life is to keep _________(Contract)w/ God(Sealed in Blood) Covenant
The jews holy text is called the ________. Torah
The Torah is also called The 5 Books of ________. Moses
When you die you go to __________.(only God chosen) Heaven
The jewish language is Hebrew and also _________ which is a mix of Hebrew and German. Yiddish
They know Yiddish b/c the jews were ran out of Israel and into Germany by Ancient _________. Romans
Diaspora means______________. Mass movement of people
Jewish leaders were called _________. Rabbis
The jewish religion believes in kosher which means no _________ hooves,no cheese w/ meat,no shellfish. Cloven
Jewish places of worship are called a __________. Synagogue
The Country with the most _____ is America.B/c of diaspora. Jews
Buddhism started in _____. India
This religion is the ___ oldest of the Big 5.(founded in 500 BCE). 3rd
The founders name was __________ Gautama. Siddhartha
He soon became _________ after he sat under a bodhi tree for 8 weeks.(Became Enlightened) Buddha
The buddhists are atheistic which means they have no god,they believe when they meditate they connect energy that creates and ________ the universe. Sustains
Their purpose in life is to attain Nirvana which is full connection to the _________ of energy. Source
To the buddhist the world is an illusion,________ is the only way to see the real reality. Nirvana
The _______ is fogged by our attachment to things and people. Reality
Buddhism holy text is known as the ____ _____.(Words of Buddha) Pali Canon
The buddhism prophet is ______. Buddha
When you die in buddhism religion you are to be reincarnated to pay for karma until you reach _______. Nirvana
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