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angi/o vessel
aort/o aorta
ateri/o artery
ather/o fatty substance
atri/o atrium
cardi/o heart
coron/o heart
corpor/o body
embol/o plug
isch/o to hold back
myocardi/o heart muscle
pect/o chest
phleb/o vein
sphygm/o pulse
steth/o chest
thromb/o clot
valv/o valve
valvul/o valve
varic/o dilated vein
vascul/o blood vessel
vas/o vessel, duct
ven/o vein
ventricul/o ventricle
cutane/o skin
duct/o to bring
electro/o electricity
hem/o blood
lip/o fat
my/o muscle
orth/o straight
pulmon/o lung
sept/o a wall
son/o sound
-ectomy surgical removal
-gram record
-graphy process of recording
-ia condition
-itis inflammation
-logy study of
-lytic destruction
-manometer instrument to measure pressure
-megaly enlarged
-ole small
-oma growth
-pathy disease
-plasty surgical repair
-rrhexis rupture
-sclerosis hardening
-scope instrument for viewing
-spasm involuntary muscle contraction
-stenosis narrowing
-tension pressure
-ule small
a- without
anti- against
brady- slow
de- without
endo- inner
extra- outside of
hyper- excessive
hypo- insufficient
inter- between
intra- within
per- through
peri- around
poly- many
tachy- fast
tetra- four
trans- across
ultra- beyond
pulmonary circulation deoxygenated blood circulation between the heart and the lungs
systemic circulation oxygenated blood circulation away from the heart to the body and back to the heart
name the systems involved in the cardiovascular system (CV) heart, blood vessels - arteries, capillaries, and veins
apex tip of the heart at the lower ledge
endocardium inner lining of the heart chambers
myocardium thick, muscular layer middle layer of heart
epicarduim outer layer of heart
diastole the period of time a heart chamber is relaxed
systole the contraction phase of a heart chamber
types of blood vessels arteries, capillaries, and veins
lumen inside channel that blood flows through veins and arteries
capillary bed a network of capillaries
venules the vessel that carries blood from between capillaries and veins
blood pressure (BP) a measurement of force exerted by blood against the wall of of a blood vessel
systolic pressure highest blood pressure reading
diastolic pressure lowest blood pressure reading
aortic aort/o = aorta -ic = pertaining to
arterial arteri/o = artery -al = pertaining to
arteriole arteri/o = artery -ole = small
atrial atri/o = atrium -al = pertaining to
cardiac cardi/o = heart -ac = pertaining to
coronary coron/o = heart -ary = pertaining to
interatrial inter = between atri/o = atrium -al = pertaining to
interventricular inter = between ventricul/o = ventricle -ar = pertaining to
myocardial myocardi/o = heart muscle -al = pertaining to
valvular valvul/o = valve -ar = pertaining to
vascular vascul/o = blood vessel -ar = pertaining to
venous ven/o = vein -ous = pertaining to
ventricular ventricul/o = ventricle -ar = pertaining to
venule ven/o = vein -ule = small
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