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Sub-Saharan Africa

What did the early empires of Sub-Saharan Africa have in common? They grew wealthy from taxes and trade.
What was the effect of trans-­Saharan trade on Sub­Saharan Africa? Traders from North Africa introduced Islam to the region.
What was the reason behind the African slave trade? Plantation owners could make more money using slave labor.
What was the Middle Passage? a voyage carrying enslaved Africans across the Atlantic Ocean.
Why would a young enslaved person be more valuable than an older enslaved person? A younger person could be expected to work harder and longer.
What policy led European countries to try to gain power by controlling Africa and its resources? Imperialism
How did Europeans decide where to put the borders of their colonies? They divided Africa to meet their own resource needs.
How many different languages are spoken in Sub-­Saharan Africa today? 1,000 different languages are spoken in Sub-Saharan Africa today.
Which of the following types of music was influenced by the music of Africa? jazz
Which of the following are all examples of African culture? language, music and oral traditions
About how many ethnic groups live in Kenya? About 40 different ethnic groups live in Kenya today.
Why do so many tourists visit Kenya? for the scenic beauty and unique wildlife found in their national parks
What is an ethnobotanist? Someone who studies the relationship between cultures and plants.
How has the adult literacy rate in Kenya changed? The percentage of people who can read in Kenya has increased dramatically.
What is modernization? The development of policies and actions designed to improve a regions standards in living, economy, and technology. Education is a key factor in modernization.
Created by: Melissa.Whitelaw