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Contact Term 7

Iridectomy Removing a portion of iris tissue
Iritis Inflammation of the iris marked by pain, inflammation, discomfort from light, contraction of the pupil, and disorientation of the iris
Ishihara test Colored dots appear as numbers or patterns to individuals who have various types of color vision defects. Used for color color vision evaluation
Jaeger test A test for near vision in which lines of reading matter are printed in a series of sizes of type
Keratectomy Removal of a portion of the cornea
Keratitis Inflammation of the cornea; frequently classifies as to type of inflammation and layer of the cornea affected
Keratitis sicca dryness of the cornea
filamentary keratitis strands of coiled, superficial corneal epithelium loosely attached to the cornea; when broken free leave small, painful ulcers. Associated with keratonjunctivitis sicca and trachoma
Keratoconus A non-inflammatory corneal dystrophy in which the cornea becomes curved or conical in shape
Keratopathy a non-inflammatory disease of the cornea
keratoplasty corneal transplant operation
keratomileuisis refers to any lamellar refractive corneal surgical procedure that reshapes a portion of the corneal stroma to correct refractive errors
lacrimal gland almond-shaped structure that produces tears, located at the upper outer region of the orbit, above the eyeball
lacrimation production of tears
lagophthalmos a condition in which the lids do not completely close
lamellar keratoplasty operation in which only the diseased outer layer of the cornea are removed and the healthy donor cornea is sutured on as a replacement
laser an instrument that transforms an intense beam of light into heat
leukoma dense corneal opacity (a less dense opacity is called a macula; least dense is a nebula)
limbus boundary between the cornea and the sclera
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