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WWII Flash Cards

Study Guide for WWII Facts

During WWII, who were the leaders of these countries: 1) United States; 2) Japan; 3) Germany; 4) United Kingdom; 5) Italy and 6) USSR? 1) Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman; 2) Emperor Hirohito; 3) Adolf Hitler; 4) Winston Churchill; 5) Benito Mussolini; and 6) Joseph Stalin.
What are ghettos? During WWII, ghettos were city districts where the Germans enclosed people like the Jewish and Romani and other undesirables.
What happened at Auschwitz? Auschwitz was one of the five death camps that streamlined mass killings of the Jews and others. It was a concentration and extermination camp.
Where did D-Day happen? The western coast of Europe, mostly the beaches at Normandy and France.
Why did Stalin break his non-aggression pact with Germany? Because the German army invaded the Soviet Union in 1941.
What event triggered the official beginning of WWII? When Hitler invaded Poland in 1939.
How did Hitler die? He committed suicide rather than surrender.
What happened to many Japanese-Americans during the war? They were incarcerated in relocation camps. Some Japanese-Americans fought for the US in WWII.
What technology aided the British during the Battle of Britain? Radar played a critical role in helping the British win the war.
Why did Hitler not invade the UK on land? He wasn't successful in getting air superiority over England so that troops and materials would be safe on the land.
Who is Rosie the Riveter? Rosie the Riveter was an symbol of feminine capability and "can-do" attitude of the women in the US to take over jobs vacated by the men.
What is appeasement? Appeasement was to politically allow Hitler to get what he wanted in hopes that he would leave the rest of the nations unharmed.
What is the Bataan Death March? It was the forcible march of thousands of Filipeno and American prisoners of war by the Japanese military to the capital of Bataan. It was called the death march because the prisoners were brutalized, killed, starved, including men, women, and children.
What is the WAAC? The Women's Army Auxiliary Corps who were a branch of the military for women.
How did the Navajo help with war efforts? They had a corps of Navajo who were "code-talkers." They would code messages in Navajo to other allied units in their native tongue which the Japanese had no knowledge of and which remained an unbreakable code during WWII.
Created by: a.betz