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Dates I-V

8000 B.C Neolithic Rev.
3000 B.C Bronze Age/ Early Civilizations
1300 B.C Iron Age
6th Century B.C life of Buddha, Confucius, Lao Tsu (beginnings of Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism)
5th Century B.C Greek Golden Age
323 B.C Alexander the Great
221 B.C Qin unified China
32 A.D beginning of Christianity
180 A.D end of Pax Romana
220 A.D end of Han Dynasty
333 A.D Roman capital moved to Constantinople
4th Century Beginning of Tran-Saharan Trade Routes
476 A.D Fall of Rome
527 A.D Justinian rule of Byzantine Empire
632 A.D Rise of Islam
732 A.D Battle of Tours
1054 A.D Great Schism
1066 A.D Norman conquest of England
1071 A.D Battle of Manzikert
1095-1100 A.D 1st Crusade
1258 A.D Mongols sack Baghdad
1271-1295 A.D Marco Polo`s Travels
1324 A.D Mansa Musa`s pilgrimage
1325-1349 A.D Travels of Ibn Battuta
1433 A.D end of Zheng He`s voyages/ Rise of Ottomans
1453 A.D Ottomans capture Constantinople
1488 A.D Dias rounds Cape of Good Hope
1492 A.D Columbus/ Reconquista of Spain
1502 A.D 1st slaves to America
1517 A.D Martin Luther`s 95 thesis
1521 A.D Cortez conquered the Aztecs
1533 A.D Pizzaro toppled the Inca
1571 A.D Battle of Lepanto
1588 A.D defeat of Spanish Armada by the British
1600 A.D Beginning of Tokugawa rule
1607 A.D Foundation of Jamestown
1618-1648 A.D 30 Years war
1683 A.D unsuccessful Ottoman siege of Vienna
1689 A.D Glorious Rev./ English Bill of Rights
1756-1763 A.D 7 years war
1776 A.D American Rev./ Adam Smith writes Wealth of Nations
1789 A.D French Rev.
1804 A.D Haitian Rev.
1815 A.D Congress of Vienna
1820`s A.D Independence in Latin America
1839 A.D 1st opium war
1848 A.D European Rev./ Marx and Engles write Communist Manifesto
1853 A.D Commodore Perry opens Japan
1857 A.D Sepoy Mutiny
1861 A.D end of Russian serfdom/ Italian Unification
1863 A.D Emancipation Proclamation in US
1871 A.D German Unification
1885 A.D Berlin Conference
1898 A.D Spanish-American War
1899-1902 A.D Boer War
1905 A.D Russo-Japanese war
1910-1920 A.D Mexican Rev.
1911 A.D Chinese Rev./ End of Dynastic China
1914 A.D WWI
1917 A.D Russian Rev.
1919 A.D Treaty of Versailles
1929 A.D Stock Market crash
1931 A.D Japanese invasion of Ethiopia
1935 A.D Italian invasion of Ethiopia
1939 A.D German blitzkrieg in Poland
1941 A.D Pearl Harbor
1945 A.D end of WWII
1947 A.D independence and partition of India
1948 A.D birth of Israel
1949 A.D Chinese Communist Rev.
1950-1953 A.D Korean War
1954 A.D Vietnamese defeat French at Dien Bien Phu
1956 A.D de-Stalinization/ Nationalism of Suez canal
1959 A.D Cuban Rev.
1962 A.D Cuban Missile Crisis
1967 A.D 6-day war/ Chinese cultural Rev.
1973 A.D Yom Kippur war
1979 A.D Iranian Rev.
1987 A.D 1st Palestinian Intifada
1989 A.D Tiananmen Square/ fall of Berlin Wall
1991 A.D fall of USSR/ 1st Gulf war
1994 A.D genocide in Rwanada/ 1st all race elections in S. Africa
2001 A.D 9/11
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