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Dates V

1914 A.D WWI begins
1917 A.D Russian Rev.
1919 A.D Treaty of Versailles
1929 A.D stock market crash
1931 A.D Japanese invasion of Ethiopia
1935 A.D Italian invasion of Ethiopia
1939 A.D German blitzkrieg in Poland
1941 A.D Pearl Harbor
1945 A.D end of WWII
1947 A.D independence and partiton of India
1948 A.D Birth of Israel
1949 A.D Chinese Communist Rev.
1950-1953 A.D Korean War
1954 A.D Vietnamese defeat French at Dien Bien Phu
1956 A.D de-Stalinization/ Nationalism of Suez Canal
1959 A.D Cuban Rev.
1962 A.D Cuban missile crisis
1967 A.D 6-day War/ Chinese Cultural Rev.
1973 A.D Yom Kippur War
1979 A.D Iranian Rev.
1987 A.D Palestinian Intifadan Wall
1989 A.D Tiananmen Square/ fall of Berlin Wall
1991 A.D Fall of USSR/1st Gulf war
1994 A.D genocide in Rwanda/ 1st all race elections in S. African
2001 A.D 9/11
Created by: mikerosa45658