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Latin Am History

Latin American History Test

form of writing that uses pictures heiroglyphics
Conquistador who conquered the Aztecs Cortes
Conquistador who conquered the Incas Pizarro
The leader of the fight for independence in Mexico Miguel Hidalgo
a complex society is called a civilization
characteristics of a civilization religion, written language, form of government
Payment for protection tribute
First known people to Americas were from where Asia
a military takeover is called revolution
Leader of Incas when they were conquered Atahualpa
wandering hunter/gatherers were called nomads
what allowed conquistadors conquer the ancient civilizations better weapons, disease, horses, armour,etc.
cutting farm land into steps to create land for farming terracing
first dictator of Cuba Batista
Leader after Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro
Former slave who led Haiti to freedom L'Oveture
regions included in the Atlantic Slave Trade Europe, Africa, Caribbean
Capital city of Incas Cuzco
Location of Aztecs valley of mexico, Lake Texcoco
small non-government soldiers guerrillas
member countries in NAFTA US, Mexico, Canada
Created by: Mrs. Zernhelt