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Amendments 11-27


11 a citizen from another state can't sue another state in federal court.
12 The candidate for President and VP are on the same ballot. Voted together.
13 1. Slavery is not allowed; no labor against ones will; does not prevent prison wardens. 2. congress has the power to enfore #1 by appropiate legislation. Ended Slavey.
14 born in Us=citizen of US, state lived in; equal protection under law.
15 Gave all citizens the right to vote no matter your race.
16 congress has power to collect income tax without regard to state population. Gave the federal government the right to tax the people's wages.
17 senators elected by state's people.
18 ban on alcohol, congress and states have concurrent power to enforce.Outlawed it.
19 All citizens can vote no matter what gender, congress can enforce by legislation.
20 President and VP duty end at noon on Jan 20th,senators and representatives:Jan 3rd at noon,of choosen years, successors take place. Shortened the time period between the elections and when officials are replaced
21 18th article is canceled, transportation of liquor into any state is illegal. Allowed the manufacturing, transportation and consumption of alcoholic beverages.
22 President can only serve 2 terms/8 years
23 Washington D.C. given the right to vote for president
24 Took away the tax to vote.
25 If something happens to the president the list and order of who will then be incharge.
26 Lowered the voting age from 21 to 18.
27 Congress can not vote to give themselves a raise.
Created by: 18ShuttH