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Global Final Q3 Rev

Middle Ages Chapter 7

Who fought in the crusades and for what reason? Pope called for Christians to reclaim Holy Lands from Muslims
Explain the relationship between King Richard the Lionheart and Saladin? They were enemies in the Crusade but came to an agreement over Jerusalem
What was the Black Death and how did it affect society? Ships from the Black Sea brought the Plague 25 million people die (40% of population)
What is an epidemic? Illness spreads rapidly throughout a population
What is a Fief? Land given to a vassal by a Monarch
What is a troubadour? Wandering Musician
What is a Serf? Peasants who are tied to the land on which they live
Explain the system of Fuedalism Pyramid with : Top Monarch Next Knights and Vassals Third Merchant Farmer and Craftsman Bottom Serf and Peasant
Created by: PLHSWorld