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Global Final Q3 Rev

Ancient Greece and Rome Chapter 4 and 5 Part 2

Who were Sophists? Traveling teachers
What was the Golden mean? Aristotle's idea that there was a perfect spot between two extremes
What were the Peloponnesian wars? Delian league defeats Peloponnesian league. 27 year war weakens Greece
What was the Delian league? An alliance of Greek states
Who were the Plebeians? Lower class ordinary Roman citizens
Who were the Patricians? Upper class (ruling class)in Rome. Held all public offices
What were the tribunes and why were they created? Representatives in Senate for the plebeians created to give some political power to the plebeians
Describe Slavery in Rome? Became a slave to pay a debt, could earn freedom not based on race
What were the Punic wars? Rome and Carthage battled for 100 years Rome conquers Carthage
Who was Rome's fiercest enemy? Hannibal (led the Carthaginians)
Describe the Roman Senate Made up of Patricians (initially 100) made legislation and managed
Who was Julius Caesar? Head of Roman Empire
Describe the decline of Rome Invaders took over because Rome was weak Civil wars break out over Tribunes attempt to reform (people loyal to leaders not country) Caesar is assassinated Army is weak (based on land ownership)
Describe Roman social classes Patricians (people born into a class) ruled over Plebeians
What was the role of Consul in the Roman Senate? 2 Consuls held the highest public office elected to head supervise business and army
Created by: PLHSWorld