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Global Final Q3 Rev

Ancient Greece and Rome Chapter 4 and 5 Part 1

Why was the geography of Greece so influential in Greek development? City-states developed because people were separated by Mountainous areas, sea trade
Who were the Minoans? Early Greek culture, develop Crete as an important port
Who were the Mycenaeans? Took Control of Greek mainland after Minoans, kept trade records
Who was Pericles? Leader of Athens believed it should be a model for all others strengthened democracy
Who was Hippocrates? Greek Physician imprisoned for speaking out for medicines
Who was Herodotus? Greek Historian, first to thoroughly record history
Who was Diocletian? Roman Emperor shared his rule with Maximian started reforms
Who was Sophocles ? Greek Writer wrote many plays (Oedipus and Atigone are well known)
Who was Socrates and what were his main ideas? Philosopher, questioned people in the streets
Who was Plato? Student of Socrates believed ideal forms exist, divided society into 3 groups Plato's "Republic"
What was The Cave trying to teach? Knowledge is limited by our experience
Who was Aristotle? Student of Plato, writer believed in constitutional government
Who was Homer and what did he write? Poet/Writer wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey
Who was considered a citizen of Greece? Rome? Greece:Free adult males Rome: Anyone who isn't a slave
Who were the Mercenaries and why were they hired? Hired soldiers
What Legions? A unit of Roman Soldiers
Who was Virgil? Roman Poet wrote the Aeneid
Who was Ptolemy? Greek Astronomer and Mathmetician
Who was Augustine? Greek writer who was the first to write about Christianity
What is Imperialism? Extending the rule or authority of an Empire over another nation
What is a Republic? Type of government where power is held by people and their representative
Describe Rome as a republic: People elected consuls and a senate to make decisions
How were Sparta and Athens alike? Both ruled by free adult males
How were Sparta and Athens different? Athens: Women stayed "in" and had no political rights or freedom of expression Sparta: Women took care of all and played sports no individual expression but could be assertive
What were the Persian Wars" What did they do for Greece? Two alliances, the Delian league (Athens) and the Peloponnesian League (Sparta)
Created by: PLHSWorld