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World Final Q3 Rev


Like all Mogul rulers, what religion did Akbar practice? Islam
What happened when the Ottomans gained control of the trade crossroads of Constantinople? How did the Europeans respond? Ottomans controlled the Bosporus and Dardanelles, which were strategic to trade and defense. Europeans searched for alternate routes to Asia
How did the Ottoman Turks expand their empire? Militarily, through conquest and fire power
What was the Sultan responsible for? Military and political head of state
Other than the ruling elite, which was the most privileged class in the Ottoman Empire? Merchants
How did the Safavids use religion to unify their Empire? Declaring Shia Islam the state religion
Why was trade with Europe difficult for the Safavids? The Safavid empire was situated between two powerful empires-geographically far from Europe
How did Shāh ‘Abbās insure success for the Safavid dynasty? Controlled ideas and intellectual freedom
Why is Aurangzeb considered to be one of India’s most controversial rulers? Increased size of empire but intolerant, constant war
What event shook Mogul prosperity? British establishing trade and eventual colonization
What was the position of women in Ottoman society like? Better than other Muslim empires, women could inherit property
Who was Shah Abbas I? Ruler of the Safavid empire
What were these Muslim Empires known as? Why? Gunpowder Empires-they expanded through conquest and the use of firearms
Who were Janissaries? Elite force of Ottoman empire
Who was Suleiman the Magnificent? Ruler of the Ottoman Empire, called the Lawgiver
Who was Janhangir? He succeeded Akbar as ruler of the Mogul dynasty, who lost interest in governing and allowed his wife to rule
What led to the decline of the Ottoman Empire? Sultans less involved in governing, economic problems left little money for military
Who were zamindars? Local official in Mogul India who received a plot of farmland for temporary use in return for collecting taxes for the central government.
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