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European Geography, Development

What happened when the Soviet Collapsed? The Soviet Union broke into 16 countries with democratic governments.
What two countries were reunified at the end of the Cold War? East and West Germany
Peace act that stripped Germany of land and power; also created League of Nations. Treaty of Versailles
Repayment for damages incurred during the war. reparations
uprising of peasants and middle classes to force a change from a czar led government to a communist government. Russian Revolution
the first head of the communist state in Russia after the Russian Revolution Vladimir Lenin
type of government based on the teachings of Karl Marx in which the government owns everything for the benefit of everyone. communism
the communist state officially known as the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) set up by Lenin. Soviet Union
The practices of the Nazi party under the regime of Adolf Hitler Nazism
mass murder of millions of Jews by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party. Holocaust
War between USA and Soviet Union without weapons; war of the words Cold War
the bringing together of east and west Germany under one government after the Berlin Wall went down. German reunification
The dividing line between Europe and Asia. Ural Mountains
The leader of the country during the Russian Revolution. Czar Nicholas II
Nuclear power plant that exploded, spewing radioactive waste into the environment. Chernobyl, Ukraine
What is causing damage to the Black Forest in Germany? Acid Rain
What are two causes of air pollution in Great Britain? car fumes, coal burning, manufacturing
This physical feature consists of Spain and Portugal. Iberian Peninsula
What two language families are based on the Roman alphabet? Romance and Germanic
This physical feature separates Spain and France. Pyrenees Mountains
This physical feature is north of Italy. Alps
This is the second largest river in Europe. Danube
This is a very important river for Germany Rhine
This area of North Eastern Europe is flat and good for farming. European Plain
This body of water separates Great Britain and France. English Channel
This body of water separates Europe and Africa. Mediterranean Sea
This allows free trade to occur in Europe. European Union
This is the common currency of European Union. Euro
This an Austrian nobleman who was assassinated which triggered WWI. Archduke Franz Ferdinand
He was the dictator of Germany during WWII. Adolf Hitler.
Spanish and French are part of what language group? Romance
Russian is part of what language group? Slavic
German is part of what language group? Germanic
What event(s) signified the the end of the Cold War? The fall of the Berlin Wall and/or the Collapse of the Soviet Union and/or German Reunification
Who became the two super powers after WWII? Soviet Union and United States
What language family is based on the Cyrillic alphabet? Slavic
What are two causes of air pollution? factory emissions, car emissions, burning of fossil fuel, power plants, animal emissions
What are two effects of air pollution? lung disease, respiratory diseases - asthma, lung cancer
What are two solutions for air pollution? decrease factory emissions, decrease car emissions by more efficient cars, electric cars, carpooling, walking; use mass transit like bus, train, MARTA;dont burn fossil fuels
What are two causes of acid rain? air pollution which is caused by factory emissions, car emissions, burning of fossil fuel, power plants, animal emissions
What are two effects acid rain? damages/kills trees and other vegetation, kills marine life like fish, pollutes water, damages statues and stone/brick buildings
What are two solutions for acid rain? decrease air pollution which is caused by factory emissions, car emissions, burning of fossil fuel, power plants, animal emissions
What caused the explosion at the Chernobyl, Ukraine nuclear power plant? Operator error - a test malfunctioned; power plant operators were not adequately trained
What were the effects of the explosion at the Chernobyl, Ukraine nuclear power plant? land uninhabitable for 20,000 , radiation contaminated/destroyed crops and animals, contaminated land and buildings so some whole villages had to be bulldozed and buried in pits, people died and suffered from diseases like thyroid cancer
What are the solutions so that another nuclear power plant does not explode? nuclear power plant operators need to be well trained
alliance nations form pacts to help protect themselves from enemy nations and trade with one another.
nationalism pride in a country or uniting a country that is used to convince people to do many types of things.
What are some things that led to the rise of Nazism in Germany? People were angry about the Treaty of Versailles which took land from Germany, made them pay $33 billion in reparations, blamed them for WWI; needed a strong leader who would provide jobs, ignore Treaty, bring back German pride
hyperinflation money is worthless; happened in Germany because they printed extra money to pay war reparations
European countries are doing this so people on their continent can communicate better and to make it easier to conduct business All children in school will learn at least one more language than their native tongue
literacy rate the percentage of people in a country that are 15 years and older that can read and write
standard of living how 'well' you live; how easy or hard is it to have the necessities of life like food, shelter, clothing
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